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WNY isn't Ready for Love

By Alan Pergament

Western New Yorkers weren’t “Ready for Love.”

The two-hour debut of NBC’s new dating series averaged a 2.8 rating on Channel 2 on Tuesday despite getting a 10.2 lead-in from NBC’s popular reality singing competition series “The Voice.”

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Ch.4, Ch.2 both have something to cheer about at 10

By Alan Pergament

Channel 4 and Channel 2 both had something to cheer about from Monday’s news ratings at 10 p.m.

On the first night of Channel 2’s switch from little-watched WNYO to Fox affiliate WUTV, Channel 4’s 10 O’Clock News on sister station WNLO won with a 3.9 rating and that's worthy of a cheer.

However, Channel 2 can cheer because it was much closer than normal at 10 with a 2.3 rating on a night that both newscasts were deflated because of the large viewership for CBS’ coverage of the NCAA men’s basketball game on Channel 4. The 1.6 ratings points that separated the newscasts most likely was the closest Channel 2 had been to Channel 4 in the time period recently and might have been the closest it has ever been at that hour.  

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Michigan-Syracuse semi sets local ratings record

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

The love Western New Yorkers have for this year’s March Madness continued Saturday night with record local ratings for the national men's basketball semifinals in Atlanta for two close games decided in the final minute.

Michigan’s 61-56 victory over Syracuse averaged a 12.2 rating on Channel 4, which was 94 percent higher than Kansas’ win over Ohio State a year ago and a record for a national semifinal here since the Buffalo market became metered in 2000.

Of course, there was a large rooting interest here because of all the Syracuse alumni and fans in the area and the fact that Michigan is coached by WNY native John Beilein. The rating peaked with a 15.1 at 11:30 p.m.

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March Madness ratings soar on Ch.4

By Alan Pergament

Here’s another of my periodic Sports on the Air blogs:

If the local ratings for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament on CBS here are any indication, thousands of Western New Yorkers will be huddled in front of their sets for the national semifinals today featuring the two games between the Final Four.

Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate, saw ratings for the four Sweet 16 games it carried last Thursday and Friday rise by almost 22 percent from year ago.

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"Mad Men" opener is maddeningly paced

By Alan Pergament

 Don Draper (Jon Hamm) looks like a zombie at times during Sunday’s extended sixth season opener of “Mad Men,” staring vacantly into space in a few scenes.

AMC, the cable channel that “Mad” appears, only wishes the show would have anywhere near the ratings of its zombie series “The Walking Dead.”

The primary reason “Mad” isn’t in the neighborhood of “Dead” is prominently on display during the 9 p.m. opener: It is a dreadfully slow episode, with the pace bound to drive some viewers away from the cerebral series about advertising men and women during the changing societal times of the

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NBC's quicker hook of Leno makes sense

By Alan Pergament

Some quick thoughts about the Jimmy Fallon for Jay Leno “Tonight Show” move finally announced Wednesday:

As I suggested here a week ago and some time before that in my former blog, the surprising thing about all the rumors about Fallon getting “The Tonight Show’’ was that NBC planned to wait until September of 2014 to give it to him.

I wondered why they would wait so long and help ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel grab more of the age 18-49 audience before Fallon got his shot.

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Zombies beat "The Bible" and Sabres here

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

I’m not sure what this says about Western New York, which has a large percentage of Roman Catholics in the area or what it says about the area’s youth.

But in a head-to-head cable matchup on Easter Sunday between AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and “The Bible” on The History Channel, the zombies won. Nationally, "Dead" is a huge hit, especially with younger viewers. Both programs had excellent local ratings that almost doubled the audience of any scripted program on the broadcast affiliates.

WNY’s version of the skating dead – the Buffalo Sabres – also lost to the zombies Sunday in a 2-0 loss to the Boston Bruins carried by MSG. The score at 9 p.m. Sunday: “Walking Dead”: 9.9; “The Sabres”: 8.6 “The Bible”: 8.4 

Surprising Story of the Week:  A week ago, Channel 2 ran a lengthy story about an East Aurora man who won $5,000 in Tim Horton’s "roll up the rim" contest. It was the best free advertisement for the coffee chain since Lindy Ruff cracked a roll up the rim joke in his farewell press conference for
the Buffalo Sabres. Channel 2 should have charged Horton’s at least $5,000 for running that non-story. 

After only one episode of the third season has been carried, "Game of Thrones" has been awarded a fourth season by HBO. Sunday's third-season opener had its highest national viewership despite playing opposite "The Walking  Dead" and "The Bible." I don't yet have a local Sunday rating for the opener, but HBO series don't just rely on opening night numbers since viewers of the pay-cable channel have all week to watch it On Demand or in repeats. 

Finally, after exhaustive research, I was able to uncover the age of Channel 4 meteorologist Don Paul, who on Tuesday said he was closer to the age of David Letterman and Channel 2 sports anchor Ed Kilgore than to Channel 4 morning co-anchor Diana Fairbanks. OK, the research wasn't that exhaustive. I just looked at a website available to reporters. Paul, who just agreed to a new three-year deal, will be 66 this month a few weeks after Letterman also turns 66.

Dudzik has decent debut as Ch.2 anchor

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

We live in an amazing technological world.

I spent last weekend in Washington, D.C., watching my alma mater, Syracuse, win the East Regional in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament with my oldest son Ben.

However, I didn’t miss some of the first newscasts anchored by Channel 2’s newest addition, Kelly Dudzik, who had spent a few weeks reporting since arriving from Little Rock, Ark. before going into the anchor seat. I was able to watch a couple of editions of Channel 2 News featuring Dudzik streamed live on my iPad.

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Ch.4's Paul agrees to new deal with options

By Alan Pergament

If you are a regular reader of this blog and my previous blog, you probably are aware that I enjoy having a little fun with Channel 4 meteorologist Don Paul.

I have even nicknamed him Pope Don Paul, partly because he treats the weather as if it were a religion.

So it is with some degree of happiness that I can report this morning that Pope Don Paul and I can continue our Facebook exchanges about weather for three years.

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Ch.4's Postles may stay on the 10 o'clock news

By Alan Pergament

Channel 4’s Don Postles may stay put on "The 10 O‘Clock News“ on WNLO-TV.

Likewise for Diana Fairbanks on Channel 4’s “Wake Up.”

That’s the word from Channel 4 General Manager Chris Musial.

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