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Ch. 4, Time Warner reach agreement

Channel 4 and Time Warner Cable reached an agreement today ensuring that the station will not go dark. More details are to come.

Eyewitness News staff to grow; Buffalo scores in NHL ratings

By Alan Pergament

It is no secret that the staff of Eyewitness News is leaner than that of its rivals.

However, Channel 7's next general manager, Michael Nurse, said in a telephone interview earlier this week that he expects to get more resources from the station's owner for promotion and news personnel to try and make the station more competitive.

"We're going to be able to have more boots on the ground,” said Nurse of the news department.

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CW flops here in May; Cichon signs off WBEN Friday

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking:

The warnings heard during breaks in Channel 4 newscasts that Western New Yorkers could lose CW23 programming on WNLO-TV if LIN Media doesn't strike a deal with Time Warner Cable by 5 p.m. Friday to carry both of its stations are almost as funny as anything on "The Big Bang Theory."

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Positively "annoying" remarks from readers

By Alan Pergament

My annoying” column in Saturday’s Buffalo News apparently struck a chord with some of my readers who also get irritated by some things they see and hear about television.

After it ran, I received a marriage proposal, a lunch date offer and an email from one of my former bosses.

Here are some of the more amusing responses I received. I edited them for space and use initials to identify those who contributed some of their own pet peeves. They were all addressed to me in some very nice way, which I deleted to save space.

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Ch.7's Taney headed to Rochester station

By Alan Pergament

Channel 7 morning co-anchor Patrick Taney will be leaving the station at the end of July to become a morning co-anchor at WHEC-TV in Rochester.

In a memo to the staff, News Director Polly Van Doren wrote that the move to Rochester will enable Taney to spend more time and care for his parents who live close to Rochester.

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Nurse named Ch.7 general manager

By Alan Pergament

Michael Nurse's patience paid off this morning when he was named president and general manager of Channel 7.

Nurse, who has been the station manager and vice president of sales at the ABC affilliate for 11 years, had been the favorite to become GM after Bill Ransom announced he would retire on June 30.

Ransom had previously stated that he would recommend Nurse for his job when Granite Broadcasting announced it would undertake a national search for his replacement. Some people inside Channel 7 had expected Nurse would become GM before this year. He officially takes over on July 1.

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Ch.2 gives news viewers the business

By Alan Pergament

What if they just canceled a TV newscast because there wasn’t
any significant news?

That thought came to mind Monday while watching Scott Levin and Maryalice Demler co-anchor the 5:30 p.m. news on Channel 2.

It was such a slow news day that it would have been a good idea to have just canceled the newscast.

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Beard "Arrested" again on Sunday

By Alan Pergament

Before he came back to Buffalo in 2009, Channel 2 morning co-anchor John Beard was a hotshot news anchor in Los Angeles for 26 years with celebrity admirers.

Working at the Fox affiliate in town led to Beard being hired to make 16 cameo appearances as himself on the critically-acclaimed, award-winning but little-watched situation comedy "Arrested Development" on Fox.

And now that "Arrested" returns Sunday with 15 episodes on Netflix, Beard reportedly is back in 12 scenes scattered throughout as many as seven episodes.

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Good news for Ch.2 News in sweeps

By Alan Pergament

It is no surprise that Channel 2 News dominated in the early morning and early evening time periods during the just-concluded May sweeps.

The trends of the first three weeks were reported here and nothing much changed in the final week.

Once again, I'll try to keep the numbers to a minimum even though once upon a time I was a math major.

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Ch.4 owner, TWC in money dispute again

By Alan Pergament

Boy am I glad I kept the rabbit ears antenna that Time Warner Cable gave out in 2008 when it was in a financial dispute with Channel 4's owners that pushed the CBS affiliate and little-watched sister station CW 23 off of cable for almost a month.

Because here we go again.

On the 6 p.m. Wednesday newscast, Channel 4 ran a lengthy statement advising viewers of the possibility that the station and CW 23 will be off TWC when the present contract runs out at 5 p.m. May 31. That's still eight days away -- plenty of time to make a deal -- but the owner of both stations wants viewers to be aware of the possibility.

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