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An "Amazing" local honor for the Bichlers

By Alan Pergament

Does anyone in the Erie County Legislature have time to watch reality TV?

I certainly wondered if they watched this season's "The Amazing Race."

WNYers Katie and Max Bichler, the newlyweds who finished second in the Emmy Award-winning series, will accept a proclamation at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Legislature.

According to a release today from the communications director of the Republican Caucus "the WNY community is proud of their accomplishments and efforts to be ambassadors for our region."

The release made me laugh for a couple of reasons.


Max and Katie Bichler: To Be Honored by Legislature


First, I received numerous emails throughout the season from "Race" viewers who thought Max and Katie were so unlikable and unfriendly that they became poor ambassadors for the area. I thought they started off the season as unlikable, but after the midpoint of the season they became easier for WNYers to root for.

Secondly, I laughed because the release came from the communications director of the Republican Caucus. During the season, Max noted that he was a Republican a few times. The last time came in the finale when the Bichlers thought they were going to meet President Obama, a Democrat. 

I suppose your could say Max was a good ambassador for the Republicans, even if some Dems might have thought he was a little too much like Mitt Romney for them to embrace.



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