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Baby, big "Daybreak" surprise not what was expected

By Alan Pergament

It isn't always wise to ask viewers to speculate on surprising news because the truth can be a little disappointing and the guesses have the potential to be embarrassing.

On Sunday night, Channel 2's "Daybreak" co-anchor Melissa Holmes sent out a Facebook message telling viewers that there was going to be "big news about one member of the 'Daybreak' family" on the No. 1 morning program in Western New York. Naturally, that led to speculation.

One Facebook friend speculated that "Daybreak" co-anchor John Beard was going to announce he was going to get married. Now that would have qualified as breaking news since Beard is a lifelong bachelor who has dated movie stars.

Another Facebook friend speculated that Holmes was going to announce that she and her husband were having a baby.

I stopped looking on Facebook for more guesses in fear that somebody else was going to say something outrageous.

And what was the big news this morning?

Meteorologist Andy Parker and his wife had a baby daughter over the weekend, which means he will miss a few mornings of work.

Holmes said Parker didn't tell viewers he was about to become a father, which was why it was a surprise.

And these days it is a surprise when TV personalities don't look for attention.

To be honest, the way the "Daybreak" team announced the birth you almost thought Parker was the one giving birth rather than his wife. And that would have been a big story.

Congratulations to the Parkers.





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