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Ex Bill on ESPN tells EJ Manuel to go to the movies

By Alan Pergament

Former Buffalo Bills defensive end Marcellus Wiley, who has become a TV star, didn't exactly sell Western New York to Bills rookie quarterback EJ Manuel Friday night on ESPN's "Sports Nation."

To his credit, Manuel wasn't buying Wiley's negativity.

Co-host Charissa Thompson told Manuel on the set that the good news is the Bills need QB competition and the bad news is that Buffalo is "not a thriving metropolis." Then she asked Wiley how his four seasons in Buffalo went.

"It went great on the field," said Wiley. "Socially it is a little starving in some areas."

Asked his impression about Buffalo so far, Manuel gave the perfect public relations answer. "I like it," he said. He added he spent 12 hours daily practicing, which apparently didn't leave much time for socializing here anyway.

Wiley then told Manuel that one of the perks that players received when he was a Bills rookie was free movie cards to the Regal Theaters and there is one near Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park.

"When you're not watching film," said Wiley, "you should be watching films. I'm talking movies."

Wiley explained that as a NFL quarterback, Manuel needs "to be somewhere it is dark and you are entertained."

Bills fans, meanwhile, are hoping that Manuel entertains them this season and leads the team out of the darkness.





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