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WNY newlyweds go for $1 million tonight on CBS

By Alan Pergament

Will Western New York newlyweds Katie and Max Bichler win the $1 million for finishing first on the two-hour season finale of CBS "The Amazing Race" tonight?

The program is scheduled to start at 8 tonight on Channel 4. But if you are DVRing, be advised to add an extra hour just in case CBS' telecast of another golf tournament goes long.

Katie and Max would appear to be the favorites in the Final Four after winning the last two legs and the two new cars and $20,000 that went with those victories.

However, it is much easier to pick a Kentucky Derby, Preakness or Belmont Stakes winner than it is to pick the winner in this reality show because so much depends on luck.

Katie and Max certainly advanced beyond my expectations after they started off poorly in an early episode and actually appeared to have been eliminated in an episode that they were relieved to discover was a non-elimination episode.

I've DVRed alll the previous episodes so I could fast forward to the parts featuring Katie and Max. Tonight, it is a good idea to watch from start to finish.


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