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Memories of Gandolfini and the kiss

By Alan Pergament

Tony Soprano kissed me once.

It was one of the highlights of my initial 28-year run as a TV critic for this newspaper.

When I said goodbye to readers on May 4, 2010 after taking a buyout, being playfully kissed by Tony (James Gandolfini) at the screening of the final season premiere of "The Sopranos" was at the top of my highlight list.

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Summer's best night of TV

By Alan Pergament

Did you see "The Game" Tuesday night?

Did you see Cher on "The Voice"?

Those were the questions on Watercooler Wednesday after what surely is going to be the biggest local TV night of the summer even if it isn't officially the summer quite yet.

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Geoffery exiting Ch.7 morning show, Randall staying

By Alan Pergament

Co-anchor Ginger Geoffery is going to be exiting "Eyewitness News This Morning" shortly.

Mike Randall is here to stay.

That's been confirmed by incoming General Manager Mike Nurse, who officially takes over for Bill Ransom in less than two weeks.

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WGR's Sylvester understandably soft in Pegula interview

By Alan Pergament

Buffalo Sabres Owner Terry Pegula certainly picked a safe place to conduct his first lengthy media interview in some time to talk about hockey matters when he visited a radio show produced by the National Hockey League team this morning.

The most memorable comment made in about a 30-minute conversation with "Sabres Hockey Hotline" host Kevin Sylvester on WGR radio probably was Pegula's answer to why General Manager Darcy Regier has kept his job despite fan outrage about his body of work.

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Ch.4's surprising May demo success comes at good time

By Alan Pergament

 If you are to believe the demographics for the May sweeps, then reports of the demise of Channel 4 News are greatly exaggerated.

But then again, the Channel 4 release trumpeting those demographic victories Monday is greatly exaggerated, too.

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Former TV personnel don't miss live shots, adulation, filling time

By Alan Pergament

Confession time.

My stories can be a little long sometimes and they have to be cut.

Take the Sunday, June 9 story in the Buffalo News with the headline "For some TV personalities, 'The Dark Side' has a bright side."

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Igoe leaving Ch.7

By Alan Pergament

Channel 7 reporter Kyla Igoe has given her notice and is leaving the station after more than five years as a backpack journalist.

Mike Nurse, who officially will be the station's general manager in two weeks, confirmed her departure. He said it was Igoe's decision to opt out of her contract "to focus on her family and to work with with her husband in his videography enterprise."

"We appreciate her efforts and wish her well in her new ventures," added Nurse.

Kyla Igoe: Leaving TV

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WNYers enjoy late-night hockey

By Alan Pergament

I heard WGR morning guys Howard Simon, Jeremy White and Paul Hamilton Thursday discuss teammate Mike Schopp's suggestion in a column or a blog that the National Hockey League consider ending Stanley Cup playoff games than run too long with shootouts.

I didn't actually read Schopp's column. I have to listen to his occasional absurd comments when he does his afternoon radio show but I'm not about to search them out in a column or blog.

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Beard gets more love from "Arrested" creator; Kane gets star treatment

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

Channel 2 morning co-anchor John Beard is getting a lot of national media attention for his performance as a fictional version of himself in the current Netflix season of "Arrested Development."

His work documenting the insanity of the Bluth family has drawn raves from TV Guide and USA Today.

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New GM introduced to Ch.4 staff

By Alan Pergament

LIN Media, the owner of Channel 4, introduced the station's new general manager to the staff at a meeting this afternoon.

Rene LaSpina, 55, a native of Pennsylvania who arrives from outside the company, had been the general manager at a Memphis TV station, WPTY, for the last four years. She replaces Chris Musial, who retired on May 31.

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