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A smorgasbord of TV items before the holiday

By Alan Pergament

Leftovers before the holiday:

South Buffalo native Patrick Hall has informed me that he has been told by a show producer that he will be one of the featured performers profiled in the next episode of "American Ninja Warrior."

The show featuring an impossible obstacle course airs first on cable’s g4 this Sunday and runs on NBC the following night.

Hall is a Buffalo fitness expert who was inspired by his 7-year-old daughter and his clients to try out for the show. But regular blog readers probably remember that. His audition tape has had more than 13,000 hits on You Tube.

Monday’s first episode of "Ninja" only had a 3.3 rating on Channel 2. Few WNYers headed to NBC's reality series "Siberia" despite the glowing reviews in the promos. It had a 2.2 rating on Channel 2.

WNYers do seem hooked by the Stephen King miniseries "Under the Dome" on CBS. The weaker second episode had an 8.5 rating on Channel 4, which was slightly higher than the live rating for the premiere a week earlier and more than twice as high as any other network prime time series scored locally on Monday. Of course, the first episode also had tough competition opposite the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup-clinching victory over the Boston Bruins so ratings here were expected to rise. The rating for the third episode on Monday will be a better barometer of how the series is going to do over the next few months.

Remember former Channel 7 reporter Julie Fine, who left a while ago to work in Pittsburgh. My spies tell me she is now working at the NBC affiliate in Dallas, one of the nation’s bigger TV markets. I wonder if she lost her Buffalo accent and if she hasn’t how long it will take in Texas to lose it. Here’s what part of her bio on the Dallas TV website site says about Fine:  "A huge sports fan, she is excited to support the Cowboys, Stars, and Rangers. Expect to see her at the games. And as her first basketball town, she is already studying the Mavs roster."

Fine has become a Buffalo native who supports the Cowboys and Stars, two of the pro teams that have destroyed Buffalo’s dream of having a champion? Sad. Very sad. Let’s hope those words were written by an overeager person in the promotions department of the station. If not, she should be banned in Buffalo. Kidding. 

Only certain veteran media types locally probably remember former Channel 2 news director David Baer. Well, he made some news last week. He reportedly was arrested in a prostitution sting in Dauphin County, Pa. Two months ago, he was named news director of the CBS affiliate in Harrisburg. Baer was reportedly charged with soliciting prostitution.

Showtime’s “Ray Donovan” is getting rave national reviews, especially for the performances of Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight, who play son and estranged, violent father. The acting is strong, but Schreiber’s role as a fixer in Hollywood with marriage issues seemed more than a little implausible in Sunday’s pilot. How little? It made Kerry Washington’s fixer, Olivia Pope, in "Scandal" seem almost totally plausible. Still, "Ray” is off to a decent start so I will give the series more time to grow on me even if I thought the pilot was over-rated. Showtime reports the opener had a big cable rating, which makes sense given its reviews and promotion.

Inquiring minds want to know: Where is Channel 7 morning anchor Ginger Geoffery this week? The station says she is on a planned vacation.



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