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Bouncing around a variety of TV topics

By Alan Pergament

If you read my story in Sunday’s Buffalo News about all the cable channels I didn't realize existed, you may be saying to yourself, why doesn't Time Warner Cable carry Bounce TV, the new sub-channel carried by Channel 4?

After all, it can't be less important than some of the unusual channels it does carry.

Good question.

One might have expected that LIN TV would have made the carriage of the sub-channel part of the recent retransmission deal it made with TWC to carry Channel 4 and Channel 23 here.

If that is part of the deal, Channel 4 officials are unaware of it. A station representative emailed me and wrote "as far as we know, at this point Bounce will not be carried on cable in this market."

That means Bounce is only available here to viewers with antennas.

Channel 2’s subtitle, called Antenna TV, is on local cable.

Inquiring minds want to know: Where is Mike Spong, who used to appear on Channel  7's newscasts in a variety of roles, including occasionally doing weather. General Manager Mike Nurse said Spong is still at the station in an off-camera role.

Anderson Cooper’s interview with one of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial Monday night on CNN was riveting television. The anonymous juror was thoughtful and well-spoken and did a good job explaining how the six white women came to the not guilty verdict. Then a CNN panel of lawyers somewhat unfairly picked apart some wording that they viewed as less than perfect or appropriate.

For example  Jeffrey Toobin, had trouble accepting her statement that she felt sorry for both Zimmerman and the teenager he killed, Trayvon Martin. He didn’t think she should have given her sympathies equal weight. That was his conclusion. She didn’t say that. I wasn't surprised by that comment. As I have written before, I have seen jurors become sympathetic to defendants even when their lawyers admit they are guilty of something.

One member of the CNN panel, defense attorney Mark Geragos, smartly said the juror proved what he said before testimony began -- the case was decided in jury selection when no minority was selected. It was also interesting that the juror chose to tell her story to Cooper and CNN, rather than one of the broadcast networks. However, Cooper could instantly give her an hour, which might have been a plus.  

If you are a soccer fan, you probably know the channel beIN is part of a cable sports package with other sports channels that costs about the price of a couple of beers at a local pub. Sunday’s column might have suggested to some that you can buy it a la carte.

So all those rumors finally came true and conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck has left "The View" to join the morning program "Fox and Friends" in September with Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. I can't wait for the inevitable "Saturday Night Live" parody now that Hasselbeck has joined one of its favorite shows to lampoon. It would have been preferable for Hasslebeck to stay on "The View" with all those liberals rather than join a cable news network that shares her political views. Viewers need to hear more viewpoints than the ones they just agree with. But that ship has sailed on cable TV.     

HBO may have stunned some fans of "True Blood" Monday by announcing it has been picked up for a seventh season despite some critical and fan bashing it has received this season. One of my friends who used to be a big fan of the series told me that he bailed out recently. I bailed out a few seasons ago. But according to the pay-cable network, each episode is getting an impressive 10 million viewers.



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