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Ch.2's Parker returns to classic "Daybreak" laughs

By Alan Pergament

I was so excited about Channel 2 meteorologist Andy Parker's return to "Daybreak" that I got up at 5 a.m. Monday to watch the morning news program.

OK, I lied. I DVRed it.

I planned to write about it Monday but then I got a little distracted by the news that Channel 2 had saved Pete Gallivan from a life in public relations and re-hired him to cover sports and news starting next week. I'm guessing Channel 2 may give Gallivan the same star treatment next Monday that it gave Parker upon his return.  

I learned from all of the emails that I received during Parker's six-week paternity leave that he is a very popular guy even if he has to give viewers some unpopular weather news.

And DRVing the two-hour program allowed me to see some classic happy talk moments and hear some classic bumper music that included the theme to "Welcome Back Kotter" and the Supremes tune "Baby Love."

The funniest moment arrived after Channel 2's Kevin O'Neill was on location showing viewers the red caboose of a train as part of the daily on-location morning interview he does.

Cut to Channel 2 co-anchor Melissa Holmes, who said, "Andy has been wiping cabooses for the first time ever."

As co--anchor John Beard smiled and put his head in his hand, Parker responded by saying: "None of them as pretty as that one. And just as red. Let's go to Doppler before I turn as red as Melissa is now."

It was a classic TV moment worthy of You Tube. In her defense, Holmes may have been a little bit punchy after getting only two hours of sleep after a lengthy flight delay meant she didn't get back from a Wisconsin wedding until midnight.

Earlier, she called her flying experience a "disaster" before smartly catching herself and adding "it could have been a lot worse."

Undoubtedly, she quickly thought of the San Francisco plane disaster that has dominated the news lately.

As expected, Parker brought several pictures of his adorable daughter, Natalie Elise Parker, for the "Daybreak" staff and viewers to fawn over.

Viewers also learned that Parker gave up caffeine over his six-week absence and that he briefly forgot some aspects of his job.

When he couldn't find the green screen that is part of the weather presentation, Parker remarked: "A long weekend is one thing. Take a few weeks off and you forget where the place is."

The caboose line won't be as easily forgotten.

I watched NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" Monday night expecting to see South Buffalo native Patrick Hall attempt to beat the obstacle course and I want the hour of my life back.

I’m blaming Time Warner Cable, which is used to being blamed for just about everything. "Daybreak" also gets a little of the blame, too, since it ran a brief story Monday morning that noted Hall was going to appear on the NBC program Monday night. I can't fault Channel 2 too much since it may have drawn that erroneous conclusion from something I had written.

But back to TWC. I knew Hall was either going to be on the G4 episode of "ANW" Sunday or NBC’s episode on Monday. When I looked at the TWC channel guide Sunday, it said the episode being shown that night was shot in California and not in Baltimore where Hall performed. So I skipped it, as I expect some other WNY natives did.

Then I turned on NBC's version Monday night. When Hall didn't appear, I called him and was told his five minutes of fame aired Sunday night on cable's G4.

He sent the video of it to me via a text – isn’t technology great?–  and I watched it on my phone. After members of Hall's family were introduced and his profile was shown, Hall's attempt to beat the obstacles and the laws of physics ended about the middle of the course.

"I got a lot of great feedback," Hall told me Monday night when discussing his performance.

TWC should be getting considerably less than great feedback. It would be nice if it could keep its channel guide current.

Actually, the hour watching "ANW" wasn’t a total loss. I also got to see a Channel 2 promo taking a shot at Channel 4's promos stealing its "holding people in power accountable" slogan. It didn’t name Channel 4. However, that was the clear implication from Channel 2’s copy talking about its imitators and proudly claiming to be the "original" accountable news station.




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