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Nets get baby bump from the summer of George

By Alan Pergament

I finally got a laugh this morning over all the national news coverage of the royal birth of George Alexander Louis.

Reporting on "Today" this morning, Michelle Kosinski speculated that some people believe his parents, Kate and William, were "Seinfeld" fans. Then "Today" ran a clip from that sitcom that proclaimed this "the summer of George" with Kosinski adding "as in George Costanza, Jason Alexander," before showing a photo of "Seinfeld" co-star Julia Louis- Dreyfus and emphasizing "Louis." “We assume a coincidence," concluded Kosinski of the three "Seinfeld"-related names.

It wasn't a coincidence that that all of Monday's national newscasts led with his birth. That’s what we get in this "give viewers what they want" or "what we think they want" journalistic world.

The NBC Nightly News coverage Tuesday opened and closed with Will and Kate showing off their son. That did seem absurd to many of the people with whom I'm associated. They think all the future king coverage is a little over-the-top, but numbers don't lie. All three national newscasts Tuesday had a big baby bump here Tuesday, with NBC, CBS and ABC all up at 6:30 p.m. from their July averages.

If I'm doing my math correctly, "Seinfeld" reruns will be a distant memory by the time George Alexander Louis becomes king. After all, Queen Elizabeth, her son Charles, and Charles' son William are all ahead of  him. If William lives as long as his grandma, little George will have to wait until his late 50s or even 60s to become king. And that's if the monarchy even exists.  

Speaking of babies, one of my spies tells me that Channel 4 recently told viewers that it had an announcement to make. My spy thought it was going to be something really, really important. It turned out to be the announcement that husband and wife staffers Lou Raguse and Emily Guggenmos are expecting a baby. They were congratulated here in April, when I received permission from them to report it. The baby is is due in late September.

My spy was surprised Channel 4 thought the baby news qualified as news. However, for decades local news reporters and anchors have tried to make viewers feel like family and share happy baby news. Channel 2's Andy Parker, who is said to be a very private person, even brought baby pictures with him
after he returned from paternity leave.

Inquiring minds want to know: Is the Stephen King series "Under the Dome" holding up well with audiences? It sure is in Western New York. Monday's episode had a healthy 7.7 rating on Channel 4. The series’ strong ratings this summer nationally – last week it was No.2, only slightly behind "America’s Got Talent" --  is good news for people tiring of the diet of summer reality series. The success of "Dome" could inspire the networks to try more long-form series in the summer that aren’t too expensive to produce.

By the way, Kenmore’s Jeff Glor had a cameo in Monday's episode. The CBS news reporter and anchor played himself in a brief scene.



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