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Syfy's silly "Sharknado" flies on Twitter radar

By Alan Pergament

Silly me. I was watching a stupid NBC program called "Hollywood Game Night" Thursday when the hilarious TV event of the month was lighting up Twitter.

A Syfy network movie called "Sharknado" was the talk of social networks Thursday night, with celebrities even bigger than the ones on "Game Night" heading to Twitter to give their snarky, sharky comments about a  high-concept movie about thousands of flying sharks terrorizing Los Angeles after a tornado.

The tweet getting the most attention -- Mia Farrow suggesting that she was watching the movie with cerebral novelist Philip Roth -- reportedly was a joke.

But other celebrities were watching a movie that Michael Chilkis suggested was following the old Hollywood formula that something so bad can be good.

You know, like "Snakes on a Plane." Or "World War Z." Or….

Well, you get the idea.

The film stars Ian Ziering of "Beverly Hills 90210" fame as a bar owner and Tara Reid of "American Pie" and "Scrubs" fame as his ex-wife.

You know what that says about their careers.

Oh, well, maybe they can follow Martin Short and Matthew Perry and other celebrities who can’t be embarrassed and appear later this season on "Hollywood Game Night."

If you're scoring at home, "Game Night" had a 4.0 local rating on Channel 2. "Sharknado" had a 1.3 rating locally, which is impressive by Syfy standards here.

If you missed "Sharknado," you get another change to see what all the social network craziness is about. Syfy is repeating it at 7 p.m. next Thursday, when it probably will get a bigger audience than the premiere.


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