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Mayoral debate scores higher than VMAs here

By Alan Pergament 

Inquiring minds want to know:

How big was the local viewership for the controversial Video Music Awards on MTV Sunday?

The two and a half hour show had a 4.5 rating here when it aired live and a 2.2 rating when MTV reran it immediately after it aired live. The first 30 minutes when Miley Cyrus auditioned for her porn career averaged a 3.7. The rating peaked at 5.6 during Justin Timberlake's incredible extended performance.

Interestingly, the rating for the rerun peaked at 3.6 when Cyrus performed, which suggests it was driven by the reaction of social media.

To put the rating in perspective, the live VMA airing was lower than the rating for Tuesday's mayoral debate simulcast on Channel 2 and Channel 17.

On Sunday night, the VMAs were beaten here by NBC's Sunday Night Football preseason game and CBS' "Big Brother" and "Unforgettable."

But the VMAs were more unforgettable.

How do you think Channel 7’s re-airing of the Buffalo Bills disaster Thursday will rate now that everyone knows they lost 35-13 to the Detroit Lions and didn't play their starters very long or at all?

If past telecasts of taped Bills games are any guide, the replay at 8 tonight will get about the same rating as the VMA Awards. After all, Bills fans are gluttons for punishment.

Which is sadder – watching former "Law & Order" actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson pitching reverse mortgages or watching Larry King do infomercials?

I'd vote for King.

Will the Mid-American Conference football and basketball deal with Time Warner Cable Sports Channel mean people who subscribe to satellite dishes and FiOS instead of cable won't be able to watch the games featuring the University at Buffalo and its conference partners?

I'm not sure if it is an exclusive deal but TWC is going to get back to me on that one. If so, a big part of the potential audience here won't get it.

Have you laughed louder this week then when a caller to WGR's afternoon program with Mike Schopp and Chris (The Bulldog) Parker suggested the Bills should have signed retired quarterback Donovan McNabb instead of Matt Leinart?

Not really. But that was before Leinart played Thursday. The guy might call back today and say I told you so. The hosts were pretty brutal on him when they just should have dismissed the ridiculous comment and moved on.

If you want to read more answers and more opinions, pick up Sunday's Buffalo News. I have plenty of them where these came from.




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