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"2 Sides" suspended; Genero to host revamped "Healthy Zone"

 By Alan Pergament 

Channel 2's political debate show "2 Sides" has been suspended until after the November election, its "Healthy Zone" is being revamped and the station is adding an arts and entertainment segment on newscasts Friday and Saturday.

That’s the word this morning from Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner.

He had previously pulled last Sunday's scheduled episode of "2 Sides" after conflict of interest complaints about co-host Kristy Mazurek's involvement in a political action committee or PAC.

“Although we have been as transparent and balanced as possible, Kristy's rather high-profile position in this year's election and selection of candidates has made us pull the show until after Election Day," said Toellner.

He added that the show will resume after Election Day on Sundays at noon with Mazurek as co-host.

The new version of Channel 2's health and nutrition show "The Healthy Zone" will have a new host when it returns at 11:30 a.m. Monday with a new format.

Maria Genero, who will continue to do the weather on the station's weekend editions of "Daybreak," replaces Janet Snyder on "Healthy Zone," which now also will deal with the health of the community. The program is sponsored by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, though Toellner said it stopped carrying paid segments a while ago.

Toellner said the new "Healthy" version will feature a lengthy interview with high-profile Western New Yorkers who impact the health and well-being of the community. The interview will be carried over the week.

The first week subjects are John Koelmel, president of HARBORcenter, and Cliff Benson, the Buffalo Sabres' chief development officer. The second week subjects are developer Howard Zemsky and his wife Leslie. Zemsky is the co-chairman of the Regional Development Council that is determining how to spend the $1 billion that Gov. Cuomo has promised to help revive the region's economy. He also is the managing partner of the Larkin Development Group. His wife is director of special events and projects for the Larkin Group.

Snyder, the popular WKSE-FM morning personality, will continue to host the station’s "WNY Living" program, which is expanding to an hour on Saturday mornings.

In addition, she will do segments about arts and entertainment in Western New York for Friday afternoon newscasts and on Saturday mornings with another talent familiar with the arts here, media specialist Amilcar Hill.

Finally, Toellner noted the significance of Channel 2 hitting 100,000 likes on Facebook this week. He said it illustrates the station has been the leader in embracing social media. By contrast, Channel 4 has about 45,000 likes and Channel 7 has about 15,000.

The misleading headline of the week belongs to Channel 4, which this morning carried a sensational crawl that said: “Corasanti involved in alleged DWI Crash.”

The wording suggested that Dr. James G. Corasanti, who last year was convicted of drunken driving in the death of an Amherst teenager, might have been driving when he actually was a passenger in a car that was hit.

Channel 2's crawl was much more responsible, noting "Corasanti a passenger in a car hit by alleged drunk driver."     

Finally, you may have read the positive wire review in Thursday's Gusto about a new movie, “In a World,” that stars and was written and directed by Lake Bell, formerly of TV's "Boston Public" and "Surface." That's the movie in which the voice of Channel 2 anchor John Beard is heard interviewing a
famous voiceover talent in Los Angeles for a series that Beard worked on almost a decade ago when he worked for the Fox affiliate there. I highly recommend the movie.



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