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Ch.2 pulls "2 Sides"; Sports Extra returns Sunday

By Alan Pergament

In the wake of a controversy surrounding the political activity of co-host Kristy Mazurek, Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner has pulled this Sunday's edition of the public affairs program "2 Sides."

In a text message, Toellner wrote the program "was pulled this week until we get it all sorted out."

He added that a NBC fall preview show that the station is required to carry will air at noon Sunday -- two days before Tuesday's primary elections -- instead of "2 Sides." 

I am of two minds about the controversy, but at the end of the day I would cancel it until I found a less politically-active co-host who isn't open to criticism that she is using the program to boost an agenda.

On one side, the complaints by two Erie County legislators showed a lack of understanding about Mazurek's role.

On the other side, the show attracts so little viewership you wonder why Channel 2 thinks it is worth the political headache and the stench it has created.

To its credit, Channel 2 News addressed the press conference held at its station Tuesday by Erie County Legislature Chairwoman Betty Jean Grant and Legislator Timothy R. Hogues. As reported in Thursday's Buffalo News, they have claimed they are being unfairly maligned in anonymous mass mailings put out by Mazurek''s Political Action Committee. She is treasurer of the Western New York Progressive Caucus.

In answering the complaints, Channel 2 anchor Maryalice Demler read a statement on the 5:30 p.m. Tuesday newscast noting that the two Democratic Erie County legislators running for re-election claimed "they were the subjects of what they called slanderous mailings sent throughout their districts." 

"They claim that Kristy Mazurek ... co-host of the weekly political debate show '2 Sides'... is connected to the mailings," added Demler. 

She added they complained to station management that Mazurek's participation on the show is a conflict of interest.

"There is a disclaimer that airs before every episode of '2 Sides'... that states 'the views expressed on the show do not necessarily reflect those of the station,'" said Demler. “The disclaimer also states the station may not be held liable for the views expressed on the show.”

“The hosts of '2 Sides' are not Channel 2 employees; they are local political activists-- from both major parties-- who are paid a stipend for their appearances as hosts. Their views do not represent the views of Channel 2. '2 Sides' is a weekly public affairs show... and is not produced by anyone in the news department. Also... the hosts also are not part of the news department... and do not participate in the editorial process at Channel 2."

Those remarks were an answer to some erroneous statements that Grant made in a release to the media before the press conference. She stated that she believes “that newscaster and reporter represent the policies of their employers and since Ms. Mazurek is employed by both WGRZ-TV and as political consultant to Mayor Byron Brown, we are not sure which entities she is representing when she purchased political postal permits that have been used to send out slanderous and libelous campaign literature demonizing" the two legislators.

With the statement that Demler read, Channel 2 covered itself journalistically. Mazurek is not a reporter or a newscaster and isn’t technically employed by Channel 2. But viewers most likely don't understand the distinctions the station is drawing.

Mazurek originally was teamed with Bill O'Loughlin, who emailed me Thursday to make a statement that called into question her role in the program.

"I have always admired Jim Toellner's ethical and broadcast standards," wrote O'Loughlin. "Mazurek's on-air behavior and personal agenda were the reasons behind my decision to voluntarily resign in 2012." (At the time, “2 Sides” was a daily show.)

Toellner, who was out-of-town during Tuesday’'s protest, seemed to concede Thursday that the situation is less than ideal.

"I would only add that in a perfect world I would love to have politically experienced insiders to do both sides of a local opinion and debate, public affairs program that are not involved in any local political races at any time," he wrote in an email. "Since that is an extremely small and as yet unmotivated candidate pool, we have decided to be as transparent as possible and as balanced as possible.  We disclaim all elements as described above and the host, in this case Kristy, also discloses her position in the campaign during any discussion of that particular race. We also make strides to make sure the opposition camp is featured as guests, as they were in this case and given ample time to tell their positions.  It is admittedly not perfect but it is very, very transparent and we make every stride possible for balance."

Toellner's candid explanation aside, "2 Sides" with Mazurek needs to go on a hiatus that lasts at least through the November elections.

In another Channel 2 programming note, "Sports Extra" is returning with a cast that includes Channel 2 sports director Adam Benigni, former Buffalo Bill Ruben Brown, former Buffalo Sabre Andrew Peters and Lydia Dominick (who will do social media elements of the show). It is scheduled to premiere at around midnight Sunday, though it will undoubtedly air later on the nights NBC's Sunday Night Football goes long. As viewers learned during Thursday night's weather-delayed NFL opener, those games can go very long.




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