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Murphy ranks "stupid" mistake on Bills winning kick "near the top"

By Alan Pergament

Buffalo Bills radio play-by-play man John Murphy doesn't make many mistakes, but he admits he made a classic fumble at the end of the team's 24-23 victory over the Carolina Panthers Sunday.

After the Bills' Dan Carpenter kicked the game-winning extra point with two seconds left, Murphy said the score was tied for a few seconds before correcting himself with the aid of some co-workers in the booth.

He is a stand-up guy and owned up to the error.

"My spotter, Mike Mullane, tapped me on the arm, which he does when I make a mistake," said Murphy. "And (analyst) Mark Kelso looked at me like I was an idiot."

Guilty as charged, conceded Murphy.

"It was a brain lock, I feel awful about it," said Murphy. "I knew all the way on the drive they were down by six. I know I said after they scored the touchdown that it was tied. It was stupid."

Where would he rank the mistake in his career?

"Near the top," said Murphy.

He was good-natured about it, even cracking a joke when asked if he could remember another mistake close to this one.

"I don't collect them," he shot back. "Geeze."

Geeze, Murphy wasn't the only one who blew the score.

ESPN ran a tweet Monday from the team's Twitter account that also said the game was going into overtime after Carpenter's kick.  


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