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Ch.2's O'Neill about to add weather to his duties

By Alan Pergament

The forecast for the Channel 2 weather team now that meteorologist Mary Beth Wrobel is leaving is for more humor in its presentation.

Would you believe Kevin O'Neill, the former Channel 4 "Why Guy" who now does fun features on live remotes for Channel 2's morning show "Daybreak," is in line to replace Wrobel as a fill-in forecaster?

I'm not trying to be as humorous as O'Neill tries to be during his daily morning appearances at remote locations or on Facebook.

O'Neill actually announced he was going to do weather for Channel 2 on Facebook Tuesday, though some of his followers may have thought that was a joke just like most of his posts.

It isn't.

According to other sources, O'Neill quietly received his meteorology degree recently from a Mississppi State University program and the station plans to utilize his new skills shortly.

He wrote on Facebook Tuesday that he is learning the ropes from "Daybreak" meteorologist Andy Parker.

An official announcement is expected to be made by the end of this week or early next week, according to sources.

According to sources, O'Neill might even do weather reports from remote locations in the morning to supplement Parker's reports.

O'Neill also would be available to fill in on weather on weekends or when otherwise needed as Wrobel has done for almost four years since she joined Channel 2. At the very least, O'Neill's new skills enable Channel 2 to postpone adding anyone else to the weather team anytime soon.

If you missed it Tuesday, Wrobel's last forecast locally for the station will be this Saturday. The popular meteorologist is leaving TV and the area for a job in Seattle, Washingon.

If history is a guide, O'Neill's forecasts will try to have some humorous content, an area that many weather forecasters try to mine.

I mean Channel 4's Don Paul also fashions himself as a comedian at times.

O'Neill joined Channel 2 seven years ago after contract talks broke down with Channel 4, where he was known as the "Why Guy."

Speaking of funny, Channel 7 anchor Keith Radford stumbled over some copy Tuesday night when he read an introduction to a sports story that included the word "tilt." "Whatever that means," said Radford. The word "tilt" has been used in sports stories for generations as a stand-in for game or contest. But I don't blame Radford for not knowing that because it doesn't seem to be used as much anymore.

A few minutes later on his Channel 4 forecast, Don Paul also used the word to describe the weather in a few days. He said a day down the road was going to include "full tilt sunshine."

So I guess the word for the day was "tilt."




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