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Ch.7's new morning show being ignored by viewers

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

It looks like Western New York has made a quick decision on Channel 7's new morning team of Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg.

For the last month, the already low ratings for the ABC affiliate's third-rated morning program are down 33 percent from a year ago.

Unfortunately for Heath and Lundberg, Channel 4 changed its “Wake Up!” team by introducing co-anchor Teresa Weakley and meteorologist Todd Santos a few weeks after Channel 7’s makeover in August.

And WNYers appear to like what they have seen from Channel 4's new team, which now is challenging Channel 2’s “Daybreak” team of John Beard, Melissa Holmes and Andy Parker for first place in the morning.

Channel 7 has to be hoping at least the demographics will improve when they are measured when the November sweeps start in a week.  

CBS has given three of its new comedies -- "The Millers," "The Crazy Ones" and "Mom" -- nine more episodes for a complete season of 22 shows.

Buffalo native Nick Bakay is the show-runner of "Mom" and also an executive producer of the latest series from Chuck Lorre ("Two and  Half Men," The Big Bang Theory," "Mike and Molly.")

If you have HBO or HBO Demand, I highly recommend "Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight," which is more about the mechanics and politics inside the United States Supreme Court than the heavyweight champ's boxing career. It does show highlights of some of Ali’s fights and interviews, but mostly is a talky exercise in the Supreme Court process. It may get a little dry for some people not as interested in the law as I am, but the cast includes a terrific acting lineup. Frank Langella, Christopher Plummer, Peter Gerety, Danny Glover, Fritz Weaver, Harris Yulin, John Bedford Lloyd, Ed Begley Jr. and Barry Levinson play the  justices ruling on whether Ali was acceptable as conscientious objector to the Vietman war.

I also highly recommend ESPN's "30 for 30" film on the St. Louis Spirits of the American Basketball Association, who were full of some incredible players and self-destructive characters. There are several Buffalo angles in this entertaining film. The Spirits were coached by former Buffalo Braves Coach Bob MacKinnon, the public relations man was former Braves PR man Rudy Martzke, and future Braves Marvin Barnes and Gus Gerard were Spirits.


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