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DVR and On Demand a big hit for older series

By Alan Pergament

At 10 tonight, many Western New Yorkers may decide to skip CBS' "CSI" and ABC's "Nashville" and go to bed.

But that doesn't mean they won't be seeing tonight's episodes sometime this week.

Because during the first week of the new TV season, those two series were among those most-watched via DVR or ON Demand here seven days after they originally aired.

Here are the Top 15 gainers in WNY from DVR and On Demand after the first official week of the season: 1. "Hawaii 5-0""and "Person of Interest" (tied) 3. "The Blacklist" 4. "Parenthood" 5. "NCIS" 6. "Sleepy Hollow" and "CSI" 8. "Elementary" and "Big Bang Theory" 10. "Criminal Minds" 11. "The Mentalist" and "Revolution" (tied) 13. "Nashville," "Chicago Fire" and "Grey’s Anatomy" (tied) 

"Big Bang" (21.5) and "NCIS" (20.0) remain 1-2 in WNY combined live and secondary viewing rating.

Among the Top 15 gainers, DVR and On Demand viewing can add 30-92 percent to a show's live audience here.

The 7.2 live rating that the season premiere of "CSI" had on Channel 4 rose by 3.1 points to a 10.3 rating after viewing up to seven days later. That’s a gain of 46 percent. "Nashville" gained 62 percent -- from a live rating of 4.2 to 6.8 after 2.6 points were added from delayed viewing.

Not surprisingly many of the series with the highest DVR and On Demand viewing in week one were 10 p.m. series or shows that were carried on a new night this season.

NBC’s "Parenthood" fit both criteria. It had a secondary viewing of 3.5 points that was almost equal to its live viewership of 3.8 points at 10 p.m. Thursday for an overall rating of 7.3. The secondary viewership that "Parenthood" received was only behind that of CBS' "Hawaii 5-0" and "Person of Interest” and NBC's "The Blacklist."

“5-0,” which was moved to Fridays, gained 4 rating points from a 7.7 live rating for a combined rating of 11.7. "Person of Interest" also gained 4 points from a 9.4 live rating for a combined rating of 13.4. NBC's "The Blacklist" gained 3.9 points from a 9.4 live rating at 10 p.m. Monday for a combined rating of 13.3.

The top gainer for Fox was "Sleepy Hollow," which I have called my coolest new show of the season. It is one of only five series in WNY to gain more than 3 points in secondary viewing. It had a 6.8 live rating for the second episode and a 3.1 secondary rating for a combined rating of 9.9.

Not surprisingly, "Sleepy Hollow" has already been renewed for a second season, while NBC has given "The Blacklist" a full season order of 22 episodes for this season.

The DVR and On Demand figures illustrate what series have enough buzz to get viewers to watch them after they air live.

Unfortunately for the networks, DVR and On Demand here favors older, more established shows over new ones that need sampling. Only two of the Top 15 secondary viewing shows here are new shows and only four are in their second season.

Here are a few other things to note: ABC's "Revenge" (2.5) and "Modern Family" (2.4) just finished out of the Top 15 of secondary viewing gains. The largest gainer percentage-wise is Fox’s “Glee," which had a higher secondary viewership (2.0) than live viewership (1.4). That’s 143 percent, with "Parenthood" second in percentage gain at 92 percent. The premiere of ABC's "Lucky" had an anemic 2.4 live rating and only gained .1 in secondary viewing for a combined 2.5 rating. That helps explain why it was the first new show of the season to be canceled.

Buffalo native Steve Cheskin has been named senior vice president of programming for ReelzChannel, where he has been a programming consultant for six months. Cheskin, a television veteran who has previously held executive positions at TLC, WEtv, Discovery and the Travel Channel and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry, will be responsible for program development, production, scheduling and acquisitions.

To my Twitter followers who asked where the Frontline investigative report, "League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis," was locally Tuesday night: It ran nationally on Tuesday, but won’t be carried by the local PBS affiliate, WNED-TV, until 8 p.m. next Tuesday.


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