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MSG shows Lindy moment on brief delay instead of live

By Alan Pergament

There was a really nice moment during the Buffalo Sabres 4-3 loss to Dallas tonight when the team honored former Coach Lindy Ruff, who is now coaching the visiting Stars.

It would have been nicer if it had been carried live on MSG, where most Sabres games are carried with a TV crew it hires. 

I initially tweeted tonight that it would have been nice if the Sabres had told the TV crew that a tribute was coming so it would have been carried live instead of on delay after a commercial break.

Then I was told that the crew knew.

If so, that is even worse. If it knew, it should have called an audible, skipped the commercial and carried the tribute live.

I was told that view is "ridiculous" by someone I respect. WGR's Paul Hamilton also tweeted "team is bound by NHL rules to take a break at certain times."

If that's true, what's the punishment if you break the rule? Do you have to fire your general manager?

I stand by my opinion. 

I realize, as explained to me, that there are TV formats, but they can and should be ignored for big TV moments and this certainly qualified. I imagine the NHL would have forgiven the Sabres if such a rule exists. (Another TV expert said it is the producer's call whether to go to commercial.)

After all, fans were waiting for Ruff to be honored, especially after the outcry when former Sabre Jason Pominville wasn't given a tribute when he came here earlier in the season with Minnesota.

I would suspect that some fans might have been elsewhere when MSG carried the Ruff video tribute because that's what people do during commercials.

I can't imagine the Sabres and MSG couldn't afford to skip one break because they saved millions today by trading Thomas Vanek.

What would have been the harm?

But you make the call. Do you think MSG should have carried it live or do you think the whole question is "ridiculous"? Or the supposed NHL rule is ridiculous?



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