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'Top Gear' episode shot here airs Oct.29; WBEN adds local late-night host

By Alan Pergament 

Remember when the Skyway was closed for four hours in both directions in July so an episode of the United States' version of “Top Gear” could be filmed?

A publicist for The History Channel has confirmed that the episode will air at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 29.

Here's a brief synopsis of the episode, which is titled "Can Cars Float?"

"Is it possible to make a vehicle that's as good on water as it is on land?  Rut, Adam and Tanner build their own amphibious vehicle and put them through a series of road tests before embarking on a huge water challenge, attempting to cross one of the Great Lakes."

Rut, Adam and Tanner are the hosts -- comedian Adam Ferrara, champion rally and drift racer Tanner Foust and racing analyst Rutledge Wood.They were all here for the filming in July.

Here is how the filming was described by Buffalo News reporter Mark Sommer in July: "Three amphibious vehicles -- a red Dodge 'Turboat,' a white-and-green canopied Volkswagen boat car and a jeep-like vehicle with a large fan in back -- spun their wheels and did 180-degree turns on the southbound Skyway for several hours Tuesday.  All the while, a low-flying helicopter filmed the movements for 'Top Gear.'"

"Top Gear" is an Americanized version of an extremely popular British series that reportedly was named the "Most-Watched Factual TV program" in the 2013 Guinness Book of World Records.

Now that’s certainly a unique category. It beat out all the Fox News and MSNBC programs for the honor. (Kidding).  

Say goodbye to syndicated host Jim Bohannon on WBEN.

On Monday, the station is adding another local show in Bohannon’s late-night slot. David Bellavia, a decorated Iraq veteran who ran for Congress and has frequently been a fill-in radio host, will now have the 10 p.m. -1 a.m. shift. He also will fill-in for Sandy Beach, Tom Bauerle and Rush Limbaugh when they take days off. I doubt that I have to tell you that he is another conservative Republican on the station. After all, this is WBEN.

Someone whispered in my ear say something nice about the Buffalo Sabres. OK, I've been impressed so far by backup play-by-play man Dan Dunleavy, who eventually will be Rick Jeanneret's replacement. He has a smooth style, a good voice and follows the play well.

In years past, Channel 2 watched as Channel 4 "borrowed" some of its news innovations. I bring this up because Channel 2 wisely has "borrowed" a feature popularized by "CBS This Morning" that summarizes what news happened overnight in 90 seconds. Channel 2 is calling its version "what happened in your world today."

Ex-Buffalo Bill Steve Tasker and Bill Macatee are the CBS announcers for the Bills game in Miami Sunday. After having ex-Bengals Boomer Esiason and Solomon Wilcots work the Bills-Bengals game, I suppose CBS owed Bills fans a more friendly announcer. However, Tasker  generally is much more objective working Bills games than Esiason was working last Sunday’s Bengals game.

It is good to see former Western New Yorker Jeffrey DeMunn as a guest star on “The Good Wife” this season. He plays the chief justice who hasn’t been happy that Diane Lockhart (Buffalo's Christine Baranski) has been a candidate for a judgeship. DeMunn's recent TV credits also include "The Walking Dead" and "Chicago Fire." One "Good Wife" plot line this season is designed to make viewers wonder if Baranski might be leaving the show or taking a reduced role.


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