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A Buffalo fan target, Hall of Famer Dierdorf to retire from CBS

By Alan Pergament

Buffalo Bills fans won't have CBS analyst Dan Dierdorf to kick around anymore after this season.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer announced today that he is retiring after this season because "it has been a challenge for me to travel to different NFL cities every week, so it's time to step aside."

A NFL analyst for 30 years -- longer than anyone else today -- Dierdorf has been a target of local Twitter followers this season when he called a couple of Buffalo Bills games alongside play-by-play Greg Gumbel.

You might even say he was more fair to Buffalo than Bills fans were to him.

Dierdorf told University at Buffalo graduate Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated today that he is "relatively unfazed" by his Twitter treatment but I don't find that believable. I've yet to find a broadcaster that is unfazed by criticism.

He was at the top of the analyst chain for 12 years when he was a member of the Monday Night Football team when ABC carried the games.

At least one WNYer will be sorry to see him retire. Mike Gluc is a spotter for Gumbel and Dierdorf and travels to games they announce every Sunday.





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