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Ch.2, Ch.4 finish tied in the morning in November sweeps

By Alan Pergament

Channel 2's "Daybreak" and Channel 4's "Wake Up" finished in a virtual tie in the mornings during the just-concluded November sweeps.

The new "Wake Up!" team of co-anchors Teresa Weakley and Jordan Williams and meteorologist Todd Santos won at 5 a.m., 3.7-3.6.

The "Daybreak" team of co-anchors John Beard and Melissa Holmes and meteorologist Andy Parker won at 6 a.m., 5.8-5.7. In other words, Channel 2 and Channel 4 each had combined ratings of 9.4 for the two hours.

Channel 7 was a weak third in both time slots with its new team of co-anchors Tiffany Lundberg and Cole Heath. It didn't average as high as a 2 rating in either time period and lost a substantial amount of its audience from a year ago.

This is a case of the tie going to the challenger.

Channel 4 could actually shout, "We Tied, So We Really Won."

A year ago, Channel 2 won a close race at 5 a.m. and won decisively at 6 a.m., 7.4-4.7

Of course, the demographics will tell the full story when they arrive in a few weeks and the stations see whether Channel 4 has gained viewers in the younger demographic that advertisers want.

There will be more sweeps results here on Monday.


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