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Ch.4 halfway home to morning upset; Ch.2 ahead at 6 p.m.

By Alan Pergament

It wouldn't be surprising if Western New York TV viewers were going to see more promos than usual for the morning shows on Channel 2 and Channel 4.

That's because halfway through the November sweeps period, Channel 4's new "Wake Up!" team of co-anchors Teresa Weakley and Jordan Williams and meteoroligist Todd Santos is maintaining a slight lead over Channel 2's "Daybreak" team of John Beard, Melissa Holmes and Andy Parker.

A Channel 4 morning victory would be quite a turnaround from November of 2012 when Channel 2's audience was about 55 percent higher than Channel 4's. "Daybreak" won, 7.4-4.7 at 6 a.m. a year ago.

After the first two weeks of this November, Channel 4 is ahead, 6.1-5.8. Channel 7's new "Good Morning" is a poor third with a 1.9 rating, about a third lower than it was a year ago. You can read more about its struggles in my column in Sunday's Buffalo News.

Of course, the sweeps are also designed to measure demographics so it will be interesting to see if Channel 4's new viewership comes from older viewers or the younger ones that are more attractive to advertisers.

The only other time period where things are different from a year ago is at 6 p.m., which Channel 4 won in November, 2012, by a slim margin. Channel 2 is comfortably ahead by more than a rating point so far in this ratings period.

It is pretty much status quo in the other news time periods, which continue to show a significant decline in viewership in the early evening newscasts won by Channel 2.

Channel 4 wins at 11 p.m., where, its viewership has increased from a year ago and its lead over Channel 2 has grown. 


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