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Congi lining up West Coast job; Bellavia off WBEN

By Alan Pergament

Inquiring minds want to know: Did former Channel 4 reporter Anthony Congi have a job lined up before he left the station and the area Friday and headed West?

"I have some things in the works," Congi told me in a telephone interview before he left. "I'm talking to several Top 25 markets."

A native of a small town in Northern California near the Oregon border, Congi said the fact that his wife Jennifer could continue working for HSBC no matter where they live made it easier for them to return out West and be closer to their families. She is from Idaho.

His decision to leave Channel 4 after three years appeared to have come after Channel 4 officials knew that he was looking elsewhere and didn't offer him a new deal.

A solid reporter, the 29-year-old Congi wouldn't say which markets he was exploring but his description made his likely destinations Portland, Ore., San Francisco or Sacramento, Calif.

He undoubtedly will be missed by some Lancaster High School students. Congi, who was a walk-on shooting guard at the University of San Francisco, told me he was a volunteer assistant basketball coach for the junior varsity and varsity teams at Lancaster.

The Buffalo Bills still are winners when it comes to television ratings. Their 23-13 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday had a 33.1 rating on Channel 4 and was easily the top-rated show in Western New York last week.

Meanwhile, ratings for the woeful Buffalo Sabres continue to slide. The team is averaging a 6.1 rating on MSG through the first 16 games of the season, which is down about 30 percent from the 8.7 it averaged in the lockout-shortened 2013 season. And things are bound to get worse ratings-wise unless the team gets better or gives people a reason to watch.

So much for David Bellavia as the new late-night talk show on WBEN-AM. Entercom Radio announced Monday that his unnamed full-time employer "had a change of heart" and the decorated Iraqi War veteran will no longer be allowed to be a regular or fill-in host.

Tim Wenger, the operations manager for all of Entercom's local stations, said syndicated host Jim Bohannon will not be getting his old time slot back. He said the late-night hours on the station will be filled for now by the best of Tom Bauerle and Sandy Beach and that Michael Caputo is filling in for Sandy Beach in place of Bellavia. Caputo is the Republican voice opposite Democrat Kristy Mazurek on Channel 2's political show "2 Sides," which is expected to return shortly.



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