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Ch.2's bizarre election call; Bizarre praise for Ch.4's Brill

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking:

I'm not sure what was more bizarre Tuesday -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's press conference admitting he had smoked crack cocaine or Channel 2's decision to lead the 11 p.m. newscast with that afternoon story rather than local election results that included the re-election of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

I instantly tweeted Tuesday night that the Channel 2 decision cracked me up. I'm not sure what the other stations led with at 11 p.m. because I was too stunned to change the channel.

While the Toronto story certainly was more sensational, made national newscasts and Channel 2 said it was trending on social media, it occurred several hours before the 11 p.m. newscast. And, after all, most Channel 2 viewers live in Western New York and the local elections had more impact on their lives.

This appeared to be a case of Channel 2 going with what was trending on social media rather than what was more important to WNYers.

I'm not even sure that many WNYers knew that Ford was Toronto's mayor or the city even had one before his admission Tuesday.   

Hamburg native William Sadler is currently appearing in two of the best shows on TV.

 He recently appeared in an episode of Showtime’s "Homeland" as Mike Higgins, who announced who was going to be the new CIA director. ( I won't spoil it in case you haven't caught up on watching the series).

And according to a preview for next week's episode of NBC's "The Blacklist," Sadler is going to guest star as the father of Elizabeth Keen, the series lead played by Megan Boone. Or is he really the father? The preview makes you wonder.

The 63-year-old Sadler has long been one of the busiest character actors in television and in the movies.

Someone whispered in my ear "say something nice about Channel 4 sports anchor Lauren Brill."

I'll pass since I vowed not to write anything more about Brill until she improved significantly.

But for equal time, I'll pass along some online praise of Brill written by someone named Mark Staffieri. I first saw it when it was posted on Twitter last week. Even Brill's biggest Buffalo fan probably would acknowledge the post was over-the-top. It couldn't have been more flattering if Brill had written it or paid someone to write it. Please see if you can get through it without laughing. It is edited for length. The headline of the story is "Lauren Brill Brightens Up Buffalo’s Sports Scene." If you want to read the entire post, it is on Brill's Facebook page.

Here it is: "The most exciting name in Buffalo sports does not belong to Mario Williams, EJ Manuel or Ryan Miller. Since the summer of 2012, Lauren Brill has been keeping Western New York sports fans glued to their televisions. With a love of sport that shines through, she may be the remedy to appease Bills fans suffering through another disappointing season or Sabres through another rebuilding.

"Having joined WIVB/WNLO-TV (a CBS affiliate) in August 2012, she has garnered national attention as one of the most popular female sports broadcasters. Pulling double duty as a sports anchor and reporter for the channel, she can also be seen nationally on Top Rank Boxing and ESPNw.

"Considering that prominent NFL reporters such as Vic Carucci and Pam Oliver once honed their craft in Buffalo, the city has proven to be a great proving ground. There is no question that the Buffalo sports scene is spoiled by Brill's presence.

"For those who believe there is a Buffalo sports curse, Brill’s presence certainly helps to create a positive vibe. While the city looks for new sporting legends to replace those of Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Dominik Hasek and Pat LaFontaine, the fiercely loyal Buffalo sports fans have adopted her as one of their own. Although she may be destined for an even more prominent sports role, there is no question that she is building a legion of loyal fans in the Queen City."

OK, all you "spoiled" viewers can stop laughing now. I'm embarrassed for the writer, who took fawning to a new level. That's unless it was meant to be satire.

I wasn't a fan of the ABC comedy "Back in the Game" in which James Caan plays the father of a beautiful daughter (played by Maggie Lawson) who didn't think he had enough time for her when she was a softball star. I hope you weren't a fan, either. That's because ABC has canceled it after it completes its 13-episode run.



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