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Ch.4 has mild early morning surprise; "2 Sides" returning Nov.17

By Alan Pergament

Emptying out the notebook before the long weekend:

Here's some good early morning news for Channel 4.

During the first week of the November sweeps, Channel 4's morning program "Wake Up!" with its new team of Teresa Weakley, Jordan Williams and Todd Santos is ahead of Channel 2's "Daybreak" with John Beard, Melissa Holmes and Andy Parker from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. It wins both the 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. hours.

The turnaround from a year ago is most dramatic at 6 a.m. where Channel 4 holds a 6.4-5.8 lead. A year ago, Channel 2 was ahead, 7.4-4.7 for the entire sweep.

The results aren't a complete surprise since Channel 4 has been trending upward in the early morning since Weakley and Santos joined "Wake Up!"

Channel 2 has three weeks to catch up but the results are a promising sign so far for Channel 4.

Of course, the sweeps are also designed to judge demographics and the bigger story ahead could be where Channel 4 is getting its new viewers. If it is from younger viewers, it will be a bigger triumph.

Channel 2's Sunday political show "2 Sides," which was suspended for several weeks before the November elections because of co-host Kristy Mazurek's political activity, is set to return on Nov. 17. Mazurek, a Democrat, will once again be joined by Republican Michael Caputo, who this week is filling in for morning talk show host Sandy Beach on WBEN-AM.

The University at Buffalo's 30-3 victory over Ohio University Tuesday night on ESPN2 was a local ratings hit. It averaged a 4.5 rating, which is high by college football standards here.

Speaking of UB's win, I was driving near the stadium Tuesday and can confirm it is difficult to hear the radio coverage on 1270 AM nearby. I picked it up much better the closer I got to Buffalo.

Anthony Weiner just won't go away. The former Congressman is appearing on tonight's edition of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher." It could be great TV since Maher was a frequent critic of Weiner during his recent New York City mayoral  campaign.

I'm guessing one of the major beneficiaries of all the holiday music being played on local radio stations is 107.7, the new alternative station programmed by Entercom. It certainly is an alternative to the premature holiday music. I've listened to it more in the last week than I have since the first day it started.

LIN TV, which owns Channel 4 (WIVB-TV) and Channel 23 (WNLO-TV), is doing quite well financially these days. The national company reported this week that its net revenues are up 23 percent for the third quarter from a year ago. Maybe it could find some money to allow Channel 4 to hire a third sports reporter.

Marv Albert and Rich Gannon call the Buffalo Bills game with Pittsburgh Sunday on Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate. I'm sure that will make Twitter happy.



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