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"Super Fun" local mystery solved; Ch.2 mystery unsolved

By Alan Pergament

Inquiring minds wanted to know why the writers decided that the lead character, Kimmie, played by Rebel Wilson on the ABC comedy "Super Fun Night," is from Tonawanda, N.Y.

Her hometown was revealed in Wednesday night's episode.

Wilson wrote the pilot but I didn't think it was her idea since she is from Australia and probably never heard of Tonawanda.

I thought the idea might have come from Conan O'Brien, who is one of the show's producers and has been to Western New York.

So I asked an ABC publicist to find out from executive producer John Riggi, who is the showrunner.

I was wrong about Conan.

Here was the quick explanation: "They wanted Kimmie to be from upstate New York ("Super Fun Night" is set in New York City). When John was looking for names of places for the hometown, he saw Tonawanda. It reminded him of Talawanda in Ohio, which is near where he is from (Cincinnati.)"

It hasn't been as easy to solve the mystery of what WGRZ-TV plans to do with a third digital channel that Time Warner plans to carry in early January.

There is speculation that Channel 2 is in negotiations with the University at Buffalo to give the school's  athletic programs more exposure. The speculation has led some to believe WGRZ-DT3 will be a sports channel. NBC's Universal Sports channel used to be carried on DT2.

However, there are other possibilities. DT3 could become a weather channel, which DT2 also was upon a time. Or there is a chance that DT2, which presently carries classic TV programs from Antenna TV, will carry sports, DT3 will carry weather and Antenna TV might become history.

In any event, it is super fun speculating about the possibilities.



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