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Time Warner announces crazy Showtime deal

By Alan Pergament

Heard about Showtime's "Homeland" but still haven't seen Claire Danes' emotional act as Carrie Mathison?

Heard about "Masters of Sex," widely considered by critics to be one of the hot new shows of the fall?

Heard about "Ray Donovan"?

Well, Time Warner Cable gave subscribers an offer today that will be difficult to refuse even if "Homeland" is having a down year.

TWC is offering the pay-TV channel with some of the most talked-about shows on TV for $3 a month for a full year in a "limited time offer." The deal includes Showtime On Demand. (I pay $14.95 a month for HBO.)

The fine print notes that the deal is available to existing residential digital TV customers who don't currently have Showtime and adds it is not available in all areas, and not all equipment supports all services.

I was made aware of the Showtime offer by email and quickly signed up. (Until now, I've watched the Showtime series on a media website).

Update: A reader informed me that he was told that you only get this price if you get an email like I did. But a TWC customer service representative told me that you will get the deal if you ask for it. He added he had given the offer already today to several people who called and asked about it. If anyone else has the same problem as the reader mentioned above, please email me at the address below.

What's in it for Showtime?

Despite having more talked-about programs than HBO lately, Showtime has a fraction of the subscribers that its pay-channel rival has nationally.

It also might be responding to the increasing popularity of Netflix.

Whatever the reason, you can get a year of Showtime for $36, which these days is the cost of two first-run movie tickets, popcorn and a soft drink.   


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