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A TV Christmas story for those looking for jobs

By Alan Pergament

I received an email the day after Christmas that I thought might be encouraging to all the people who may have lost their jobs recently and are looking for new ones.

The release came from Channel 2's Dan Meyers and was about his own promotion as the station's marketing and promotions director.

Or as he put it: "Attached is a release about me (which is kind of odd for me to be doing)."

After I laughed, the release made me think back to a year ago when Meyers was released by Channel 4 from the same job title after working there for 12 years and the CBS affiliate for 23 years.

I called him a year ago about his release a week before Christmas and he was all class. He didn't have anything negative to say about Channel 4 when others at the station were questioning the timing of his departure a week before Christmas.

Meyers didn't have to worry too long about getting a new job. Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner, who Meyers had previously worked with at Channel 4, texted him three days after he was let go and set up a meeting.

Meyers was hired by Channel 2 in April to head the commercial production department and had been acting marketing and promotions director since September when Larry Watzman left the job to work in Atlanta.

Meyers is philosophical about changing jobs and stations in the past year. His attitude could serve as a lesson to others in similar situations today.   

"I think it was a mutual parting of the ways," he said of leaving Channel 4. "Your time is just up somewhere."

And the time is now at Channel 2.

"It is really exciting," said Meyers. "Things got a little stale for me at 4. The culture here (at 2) is much better. The communication is great. It is a phenomenonal organization and Jim is a great leader. Sometimes a change is good. I'm happy. Everything worked out very well."

Meyers and his team already have had success -- they were behind Channel 2's humorous promotional campaign for the Sochi Olympics that features anchors in sports gear.

You might say his release by Channel 4 and subsequent hiring by Channel 2 was a win-win situation.

The Buffalo Bills finale with the New England Patriots at 4:25 p.m. Sunday will be called by play-by-play man Ian Eagle and analyst Dan Fouts. Eagle, a Syracuse graduate who also does TV work for the Brooklyn Nets, is one of the most underrated announcers on CBS' roster.

A reminder: The American Masters tribute to Marvin Hamlisch that is airing on PBS nationally tonight won't air locally on WNED-TV until New Year's Eve. It is well worth the wait.


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