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Buffalo really hit by snow -- the sequel

By Alan Pergament

I am looking out my window in my downtown Buffalo home and can't spot much snow at all on the city streets or in a parking lot nearby.

Just like I couldn't spot any snow Thursday when Al Roker was on NBC's "Today" talking about Buffalo to Dunkirk being hit Wednesday and I waited for a telephone call from my sister to remind her that the white stuff usually goes 10 to 20 miles south of where I live.

I'll probably get another call today after Roker told viewers this morning that there were "9-12 inches of snow and as much as a foot and a half in Buffalo and upstate New York."

Sorry, Al. l don't see even an inch outside my house in downtown Buffalo. Most of it went elsewhere.

You almost can't tell this morning that the local forecasters had it right when they predicted the Buffalo metropolitan area was going to get hit with some snow around 4 p.m. Thursday.

But they nailed it.

I learned first-hand as I left my parking space during rush hour at around 5 p.m. to pick up a friend at the Buffalo airport for a scheduled 6 p.m. arrival.

First, I checked Jet Blue and was astonished to see the plane was scheduled to be just five minutes late.

It took me 20 minutes to get out of the parking lot and 40 minutes to get to the airport.

I'm not a risk-taker so I took Genesee Street all the way to the airport as I listened to WBEN's Tim Wenger take telephone calls from people on the road or who had just arrived home.

Wenger was a reassuring presence whether he was telling people to drive slowly or advising them it was OK to go to the Kissmas Bash. He did a great job.

I did wonder a little if he was promoting Kissmas because the music party is sponsored by Kiss 98.5 FM, which is owned by the same company as WBEN -- Entercom.

But I concluded that surely Wenger wouldn't tell people to take unnecessary risks and, if people could make it to the First Niagara Center to see Nick and Joe Jonas, I could make it to the airport.

The ride to the airport was relatively uneventful, with traffic moving slowly but continuously. I had a choice to make for the right back. I decided to take a little risk and go home on Route 33. The trip downtown only took about 20 minutes.

At 11 p.m., I turned on Channel 2 to catch several minutes at the top of the newscast dealing with the weather, which by the time was relatively calm.

There was one note of alarm. The Western New York and Canadian parents of the Kissmas' Bashers were being interviewed at a local bar where they stayed while their children were at First Niagara.

I wasn't exactly sure that having a few brews before returning to the road was the best message for their children.

But as I said when Maryalice Demler was having her picture taken with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, I judge. On the other hand, the parents were taking the weather event in stride and maybe some of them were just having burgers.

All in all, I wish NBC's Al Roker would have seen how easily we Western New Yorkers can handle the white stuff in and out of traffic. 






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