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Demler sort of apologizes on Ch. 2 for Ford tweet

By Alan Pergament

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford apparently is no longer "a sweetheart" to Channel 2 anchor Maryalice Demler.

I missed her on-air commentary on the 5:30 p.m. news Monday. However, a former colleague alerted me to the fact that Demler sort of gave an apology for her Sunday tweet -- later deleted -- that included a picture of the anchor with the disgraced mayor that was taken during the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto. She referred to Ford in a tweet as "a sweetheart of a guy."

After her tweet, I tweeted Sunday "I think the only other anchor who would be photographed with Rob Ford is Ron Burgundy" of "Anchorman" fame.

My former colleague said Demler's commentary Monday was "a classic piece of Buffalo TV." She meant it in the vein of the foolish Burgundy. I tried in vain to find the video on Channel 2's website Monday.

However, I was able to see a brief report of what Demler said from a national media website that dealt with her remarks Monday about posing with the controversial mayor who has admitted to smoking crack cocaine. Demler reportedly first noted that she had a pleasant conversation with Ford Sunday.

"Does it mean I condone his drug use?" Demler was quoted in TV Spy as saying Monday. "Of course not. In hindsight was the word 'sweetheart' the right word to describe him? Obviously not. And I will certainly keep that in mind in my twitter feed going forward."

I would suspect that Demler was ordered by management to address the embarrassment, but I have not confirmed that.

Demler is on the Board of Directors of Kids Escaping Drugs, which made her picture with Ford all the more remarkable.


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