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The Donald responds to "Celebrity" sarcasm

By Alan Pergament

I get a good number of emails. Some are critical, some are informational and some actually are positive.

And then there are those that make me wonder if the writer understood what I had written or that I can be a little sarcastic at times.

This brings me to an email I recently received from the office of Donald J. Trump.

I expected it would say something like "you ought to be fired" because an item I had written about The Donald in a Dec.10 blog was hardly flattering to the host of "The Celebrity Apprentice" who reportedly was being wooed to run for governor.

Here is what I wrote almost two weeks ago: "NBC still hasn't officially announced that 'The Celebrity Apprentice' with Donald Trump is going to return for another season but it is expected to be back next spring or summer.

"The idea of Trump possibly running to become the governor of New York State has made me much happier than I am about the Time Warner Cable channel changes. I'm all for anything that can permanently kill 'The Celebrity Apprentice,' which appears to have nine lives.

"But I figure the chance that Trump will actually run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo is equal to the chance that President Obama was born in Kenya. But Trump certainly does know how to get attention." 

I could see how my note could have been misread. I'll admit the wording might have been confusing. I was being sarcastic by saying I wanted him to run so his show could be canceled. The line about the chance of President Obama being born in Kenya was a shot at Trump, who has foolishly pushed that idea.

So naturally I expected to be blasted by The Donald. And here is what he wrote on the side of a copy of my item: “Alan. Thanks for your wonderful support. Remember that 'The Apprentice' was, for a long time, the No.1 show on television. Best wishes, Donald Trump."

Truth be told, his handwriting made his signature a little hard to make out.

The note made me wonder if Trump had misread my blog note or if he was doing the same thing I was doing in it -- being sarcastic.

The executive assistant who sent me the email added a document from the trade publication Variety that showed that "The Apprentice" was No.1 in the age 18 through 49 demographic in April of 2004. That was nine years ago when "American Idol" was No. 2, "CSI" was No.3, "Survivor" was No.4, "Friends" was No.5 and "Fear Factor," "Law & Order" and "Without a Trace" were in the Top 10. The last four shows have been cancelled.

I think that sort of proved my point that "Celebrity Apprentice" has out-lived its usefulness.

Now on to an email I received from a reader about my column and blog about the difficulty of adjusting to the TWC lineup changes.

In my blog, I quoted TWC’s Scott Pryzwansky as saying "the reception has been fantastic. Typically, people don't watch a certain channel as much as a certain program. By grouping together channels that offer similar content and theme, navigation is simpler and easier."

I added, "did I mention he is in public relations?"

Needless to say, I haven't heard from any of my readers in the past few weeks that the changes are "fantastic."

I did hear from a reader who recently was visiting his mother in Jamestown. I edited the email to remove some of the harsher things said about the public relations statement above.

"Thank You!!!" he wrote. "Trying to figure out her channels is absolute comedy.  The groupings are horrific, confusing and more than anything it feels like they're constantly pushing pay movies on you.  AND you can't even get a linear guide to scroll… It truly is the worst arrangement I've ever seen and there's no way people think this is a better way. Thank god I have Direct TV. Please feel free to pass along my comments to (TWC) for me and thousands of others. Merry Christmas."

I'm pretty sure eventually TWC subscribers will adjust to the changes, though I am more sure that Donald Trump won't run for governor.   



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