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TWC's new theme-based channel lineup debuts to possible confusion

By Alan Pergament

Today is the day that Time Warner Cable's new, theme-based digital channel lineup made its debut across many areas of Western New York.

The city of Buffalo, Olean and a few other WNY areas get the new lineup on Thursday.

I've tried to explain it a few times before in blogs.

But judging by my emails and a Channel 7 story Monday night, some people are very confused about where they can find some of their favorite channels.

TWC subscribers should search for the latest bills since the new lineup was included in that mailing. If you can't find the bill, head to to find the new channels that are organized in genres such as entertainment, news, kids programming, sports, pay-channels and more.

Channel 7 anchor Joanna Pasceri advised viewers Monday that the standard definition channels under 100 remain the same and suggested they go to the 1200 tier to find Channel 7 in high definition.

That would work. However, TWC has said that subscribers who have a high definition box will be automatically switched to a HD tier when they are on a standard definition channel below 100 so you really don't have to do anything.

One hopeful reader told me recently that he was advised by a TWC customer relations representative that the Canadian channels now will be in HD on the 1200 tier.

However, I have been told that the 1200 tier isn't solely a high definition tier and the CBC and CTV affiliates out of Toronto won't be in HD here on the tier.

Hope that clears everything up.

A TWC release states that the new digital channel lineup "will be simple and easier to navigate."

That eventually may be true after all the early confusion.


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