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Ch.2 drops "Healthy Zone"; Levin poll favors keeping beard

By Alan Pergament

Channel 2 has dropped the half hour version of "The Healthy Zone," which it produced in a partnership with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Western New York.

It is a strange time to drop the program since many people make New Year's Resolutions to take better care of themselves by eating better and exercising.

But the healthy lifestyle reports aren't completely ending.

Channel 2 General Manager Jim Toellner explained the initative  will continue on "some shorter formats on mutliple platforms that will reach new and larger audiences."

"These will begin this month and include vignettes on air and on various digital distributions," he added.

To be more specific, Toellner explained that the vignettes will air during commercial breaks during daytime, prime time, late night, weekends and news areas, as well an all of Channel 2's digital platforms including its website, mobile, email and social media.

In place of "Healthy Zone" this week in its former 11:30 a.m. time slot is a half-hour version of Storn Team 2 WeatherNation, the new 24-hour national and local weather channel that now is on 2.2, one of Channel 2's digital channels.

Starting next week, "The Doctors" moves up 30 minutes to 11:30 a.m. Channel 2 hasn't decided what will air when it ends at 12:30 p.m.. Toellner said it could include simulcasts of Weather Nation, and of programs on Antenna TV, its other digital channel on 2.3. The time slot also might be filled with repeats of certain shows or "appropriate" infomercials, Toellner said.

Will he or won't he? Only his wife may know for sure.

I'm talking about Channel 2 co-anchor Scott Levin's decision whether to shave off his month-long beard when he returns to the anchor desk late this afternoon.

As he said he might do in Sunday's column about him, Levin took a Facebook poll to see what people thought he should do with it. He asked his followers if they "dig it" or if he should "ditch it." Of course, Channel 2 management probably has the final say.

Levin told me that the "vast majority" of several hundred people voted "dig it."

"As you said, it's up to the bosses,"' added Levin in a cellphone message. "I may bring a razor to work just in case. However, my wife says you never want to be too predictable!"

I predicted Sunday that he will be cleanshaven today. However, now I'm not so sure. After all, Matt Lauer still sports facial hair on NBC's "Today" so it might be a trend.

Shameless plug: Buffalo News reporters Tom Prohaska and Nancy Fischer of the Niagara bureau  are scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode of the TV One show, "Fatal Attraction." They were interviewed about the 2009 murder of Ahkenya Johnson in Niagara Falls. Her husband, Robert Johnson, was convicted of the killing. Fischer interviewed Robert before he was arrested, and Prohaska covered the trial.  The victim's family also was interviewed for the show, along with Johnson’s  lawyer. Prohaska believes there are actor re-enactments of the crime but he hasn’t seen the show. A producer who originally told the News reporters that the episode was going to run at 9 tonight now says the episode will air on Monday, Jan. 13. TV One is available on Time Warner Cable (channel 184) and Direct TV.


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