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"Ghost Hunters" episode shot in Buffalo airs next week

By Alan Pergament

To quote Perry White and Bart Simpson, Great Caesar's ghost.

An episode of the Syfy channel series "Ghost Hunters" that was filmed at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park last fall is scheduled to air at 9 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29 on the basic cable channel.

According to a network publicist, the episode features investigations of the USS Little Rock, USS The Sullivans and USS Croaker.

A Syfy summary of the episode, in which TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) travels to Buffalo to investigate paranormal activity on the three former service vessels moored at the Buffalo Naval and Military Park, concludes with the question "On Michelle’s last case with TAPS, will the team be able to reach America’s heroes?"

The Michelle in question appears to be investigator Michelle Tate.

Here’s what else the network says about the episode: "The Buffalo Naval and Military Park has called upon TAPS to investigate three vessels that all saw gunfire and bloodshed during their time of service. The ships they will investigate are a cruiser named USS Little Rock (the largest), a destroyer named USS The Sullivans, and a submarine named USS Croaker (the smallest).  USS Little Rock has reported deaths on it. Also, during the 1967 Six-Day War, the cruiser provided assistance during the attack on the USS Liberty, in which servicemen were burnt and injured. USS The Sullivans assisted in a rescue of USS Bunker Hill, pulling 100 sailors out of the water, many of whom died on board. The ship was christened in honor of the Sullivan family, who in 1942 lost five sons aboard the USS Juneau, when it was destroyed during the Battle of Guadalcanal. The USS Croaker avenged the Sullivan brothers’ death, sinking the Japanese ship responsible for the destruction of the USS Juneau. Our client, John has asked for TAPS to help determine if any of the sailors who sacrificed their lives and served the United States may still be on board these vessels.”

I didn't know all of that.

SyFy identified the show's "client" this afternoon as John Branning, adding he is retired from the U.S. Navy and the park superintendent.

The Buffalo News has addressed some of the things written in the Syfy summary.

According to a pre-Halloween story in the Buffalo News on Oct. 23, 2013 by Mary Kunz Goldman, John Crocitto, leader of Beyond Ghosts, uses paranormal equipment designed to detect whispers from the next world. In an event before last Halloween called the Buffalo Naval Park Para-History Experience, Goldman reported Crocitto and his gadgets boarded the battleships on Buffalo’s waterfront.

"The most 'active' or haunted areas of the Little Rock are the Officers' Mess Hall, the Korean War Exhibit and the ship’s missile launching compartment,” Crocitto told her at the time. “On the USS The Sullivans, the paranormal phenomena is more spread out, and at times seems to follow groups and participants around while aboard. Even the Croaker submarine has had reports of ghostly scenarios, especially in the area where the sailors would bunk for the night.”

He added: "None of the activity seems to be dangerous, malicious or scary, and some of it even seems to be curious and maybe even somewhat playful at times. This is 'para-history' at its finest here in Buffalo.”

And next Wednesday, the TV world will know all about it.



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