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Steve Brown, Bruce Smith, Greg Kinnear, Sherlock and more

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking:

Here's one for the bet-you-didn't know department.

When Channel 2's new investigative reporter Steve Brown first worked at the station two decades ago, his roommate was then Channel 7 reporter Steve Boyd. They were college friends.

Boyd left the business to become a lawyer. The two have remained good friends and Boyd recently looked over Brown's new Channel 2 contract before he signed it.

You can read more about Brown's return to Channel 2 and Buffalo in Sunday's Buffalo News.

I returned on a flight from New York City around 12:30 a.m. Thursday just in time to hear former Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Bruce Smith in an excellent interview with ESPN's Freddie Coleman about his glory days with the Bills and his embarrassing day when he was arrested for driving drunk. He is now doing public service ads that urge fans not to drink and drive, especially during the Super Bowl.

The NBC Sports Network program "Turning Point" Thursday night shed a new light on Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman's rant against San Francisco receiver Michael Crabtree in an interview with Fox's Erin Andrews after the Seahawks won the NFC title game Sunday.

The program had microphones on both Sherman and Crabtree. After his big touchdown and game-saving play, Sherman ran over to Crabtree and said "helluva game, helluva game" and extended his hand to shake before Crabtree dismissed him. Sherman didn't appear to be taunting him at all.

And before his interview with Andrews, he hugged her. She smiled but seemed a little embarrassed by the hug, which suggested he was a happy figure and far from a scary one.

Sherman was villainized on Twitter immediately after the game. But he has done such a good job in interviews on CNN and ESPN this week apologizing and illustrating how badly he was misjudged that I imagine he changed a lot of people's minds about who he is to the point that many former haters will be rooting for him in the Super Bowl Feb. 2. Even if they don't want him to do any post-game interviews right after the game.

Fox was wise to launch the new series "Rake" Thursday with a different or revised episode than the one sent to critics in the summer. Here's what I wrote in September about the original pilot.

"Rake":  Greg Kinnear stars in the season's most disappointing drama as an excellent lawyer with a gambling addiction who lives above a Chinese restaurant and defends someone accused of being a cannibal. It appears to be a legal version of "House." The pilot is way too dark and probably more suitable for pay-cable. It ends with a Perry Mason-like moment that illustrates how seriously it should be taken. Not at all. 

I gave it one and a half stars.

I would have given Thursday's episode two and a half stars. Kinnear's bad boy character is likable and there were some amusing moments in his personal life. But the legal elements of the episode were way too ridiculous to take the show seriously.

A wise reader noted that while WNED-TV's decision to delay airing "Sherlock" until Feb. 13 helps it avoid this Sunday's Grammy Awards and the Super Bowl the following Sunday, it will now run on two Thursdays during NBC's coverage of the Sochi Olympics. Good point. However, the Olympics will be over by the time the final episode of the new season of "Sherlock" ends on Feb.27.

Finally, I think congratulations are in order for Channel 7's new news director, Lisa Polster, who was promoted from assistant news director. But I'm not so sure. It's tough competing against Channel 2 and Channel 4 without the resources they have. And she might not have long to impress before Channel 7 is sold to new owners who might want to put their own person in charge of the news department. I'm still hearing the sale could happen soon. Still, sometimes you have to take a big job even when the circumstances aren't ideal. After all, that's what former Bills defensive co-ordinator Mike Pettine did Thursday when he became the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. 





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