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WUTV gets huge rating for Frisco-Green Bay game

By Alan Pergament

Looking at the rating for San Francisco's last-second, wild-card NFL playoff victory over Green Bay Sunday, you might have thought the Buffalo Bills were playing a regular season game.

Frisco's 23-20 win over the Pack in Sunday's late game had a preliminary rating of 32.4 on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate.

That was more than 30 percent higher locally than Seattle's win over Washington a year ago (24.6) in a  NFC wild card game carried by WUTV. The 32.4 rating Sunday also was in line with what several Bills games received during the 2013 regular season.

The three other wild card games also scored very well locally but they were within a point or two of the playoff ratings here for the first round of the NFL playoffs a year ago.

San Diego's 27-10 upset of Cincinnati earlier Sunday had a preliminary rating of 26.1 on Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate. 

Indianapolis' 45-44 win over Kansas City Saturday had a preliminary rating of 21.1 on Channel 2, the local NBC affiliate. New Orleans' 26-24 win over Philadelphia Saturday had a preliminary rating of 19.7 on Channel 2.

To put all those numbers in perspective, the four games will be the highest-rated TV shows of the week locally by a wide margin.




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