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Chicken wing story mildly amusing; Kane put in great company


By Alan Pergament

Notes from the cutting room floor:

Inquiring minds want to know: What did you think of Mo Rocca's chicken wing piece on CBS' "Sunday Morning"?

I was on an airplane when it aired but DVRed the program as I often do and watched it before the Super Bowl.

It was mildly amusing. But there's no dancing around it, I was a little disappointed because it didn't match the hype and I am a big Rocca fan.

Other than Rocca's attempt to spice it up by dancing while eating a wing as Lance Diamond sang, there wasn't much meat to it.

I was also surprised that the one "cool" Buffalonian that I am embarrassed to say I never heard of before she was selected as one of the trio eating wings – Bernice Radle  – dominated the piece so much.

A Buffalo News library search revealed that she is co-owner of BuffaLove Development, which was created to invest in projects, buildings and neighborhood activities that bring together historic preservation and sustainability.

My circle of friends never heard of her, either.

But boy did we hear from Radle Sunday. She was not intimidated by the legendary company she was in. She talked more than Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer Thurman Thomas and Diamond combined. She was pleasantly enthusiastic enough discussing a lot of rules about wings that she has developed that I wasn't aware of.  According to Radle, "Sunday Morning" host Charles Osgood blew the introduction by saying the piece was about "Buffalo wings." She said they shouldn't be called that. They should just be called chicken wings. I didn't know that, perhaps because I am a lot younger than she is.

But then again, I haven't had a wing since a medical crisis two years ago. I'll give Rocca credit for later addressing the dangers of eating fatty foods with a doctor who would prefer healthy foods were served. In short, you wouldn't want to go to a Super Bowl party at his house.


Inquiring minds also want to know: How interested is Western New York in the No.1 ranked Syracuse University basketball team?

Judging by local viewership for Syracuse's overtime win over Duke last Saturday, the answer is very interested and not just because many members of the local media have Syracuse degrees or Syracuse ties. The list includes Buffalo Bills voice John Murphy, Channel 2's Adam Benigni, Stu Boyar, Melissa Holmes and Kelly Dudzik, Channel 4's Brittni Smallwood and Lauren Hall, WGR's Jeremy White and Sal Capacccio and…. Well, you get the picture. (Full disclosure: I am a SU grad as well).

Syracuse's win had a 6.7 rating on ESPN. To put that in perspective, it had a higher rating locally than any Saturday prime time program and was within the range of an original "Saturday Night Live" (7.4) with Melissa McCarthy as host.  To put it in further perspective, the only sports events on ESPN that get higher ratings here are prime time NFL games. It also did extraordinarily well nationally. ESPN reported the game was the third most-viewed regular season basketball game in its history.

Speaking of the SU-Duke game, I was reminded how underrated ESPN play-by-play man Dan Shulman is and how much I wish analyst Dick Vitale would just stop talking now and then during a game.

Speaking of ESPN, it put Chicago Black Hawks star Patrick Kane in some exclusive athletic company Tuesday after the South Buffalo native scored two goals and had an assist in his team’s Monday victory over Los Angeles after finding out his beloved grandfather Donald Kane had died. ESPN said before showing Kane's emotional post-game interview that his performance was reminiscent of those by Michael Jordan, Brett Favre and Tiger Woods in games or matches shortly after their fathers died.

Netflix has announced that there will be a third season of “House of Cards.” It doesn’t premiere its second season until Feb.14


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