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Cowell's "X Factor" wasn't much of a factor here; Alt Buffalo hires AM host

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking. Cue the music:

I can't see too many Western New Yorkers being all that broken up about the end of "The X Factor" after three seasons.

Fox announced late Friday that it wasn't going to be renewed, perhaps hoping the announcement that Simon Cowell's show was getting dumped would get lost in all the Olympic hype.

The show produced by Cowell, who also was a judge, wasn't much of a factor on WUTV, the local Fox affiliate, no matter who he brought in to host or to judge.

During the November, 2013 sweeps, the two weekly editions of "X" didn't even hit a 3 rating on WUTV. The two nights finished 76th and 80th out of 96 prime time shows that were rated and several of the ones below it were CW series.

Cowell's show didn't even do well when a local product, Caitlin Koch, was a contestant and went reasonably far in the competition one season.

And even worse for Fox, "X" may have cost Cowell’s former show, "American Idol," some viewers because it contributed to the overload of musical talent shows.

"American Idol" premieres annually in January and many viewers usually waited for it with great anticipation.

However, with "The X Factor" running for weeks prior to "Idol," that was just too much music for some viewers who also had their choice of NBC's "The Voice" and other reality singing shows that I avoided at all costs.

Speaking of music, a new morning drive host for Alternative Buffalo 107.7 FM (WLKK) made her debut this week. Tiffany Bentley, who is just called Bentley on-air, worked as a music journalist at Metal Insider, The Express Times and 33 Universal.

OK, I'm not cool enough to know any of those publications. 

Entercom, which owns 107.7, added that Bentley has a master's degree from Syracuse University and has worked on-air at NPR in Pennsylvania and K-Rock in Syracuse.

Bentley is working the 6 a.m. to noon shift, with program director Nik Rivers working noon to 6 p.m. Those are long hours even with all the music the station plays.

Alt Buffalo also is starting a new local music show at 8 p.m. Sundays, with Chelsie O’Donnell the host. Her on-air name is Chelsie O. Why not just borrow Bentley’s practice and call herself Chelsie? Or O’Connell?

I had to laugh at Andy Samberg's comment on the final "Late Show with Jimmy Fallon" about winning a Golden Globe for his Fox comedy "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" on a night that fellow "Saturday Night Live" alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were the co-hosts. "It is the Lorne Michaels Opinion Shapes the World Award," cracked Samberg. With NBC's ’s late-night now an "All-SNL" alumni team of Fallon and Seth Meyers, Samberg's comment is on the money. Michaels, the "SNL"  creator and producer, dominates the TV  world.

Finally, I watched Shaun White's performance in the half-pipe live Tuesday afternoon on CBC and was stunned that the Canadian analysts didn't know what to make of his final performance.

"I have no idea," said the CBC announcer after White's performance.

I guess that's what qualifies for expert analysis these days.

Later, he or his announcing partner added -- it was tough to tell their voices apart --"I'm not even sure if it is even going to be a medal."

The NBC guys weren't much more enlightening in the network's evening broadcast.

"This is going to be tight," said one NBC commentator.

"Did he do enough and will that slight bobble cost him?" he or another announcer -- they also sounded alike -- added.

CBC turned out to be right. White didn't medal.

But he deserved one for being a good sport. After his score came in, White was a gracious loser both in CBC video and in an NBC interview. In some ways, that was more impressive than winning a medal. I had no idea -- that he would be so classy.



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