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Syracuse hoops more popular than the Beatles replay

By Alan Pergament

If you were to read my Twitter feed Wednesday night, you might have thought that everybody in  Western New York is a fan of Syracuse University basketball.

That's largely because my followers include a number of SU graduates who work in the local media, including WGR's Jeremy White and Sal Capaccio, WNLO-TV's Lauren Hall and Channel 2's Melissa Holmes.

Needless to say I was curious to see what the local ratings were for SU's thrilling 58-56 victory over Pittsburgh that ended with an incredible 35-basket by Orange freshman sensation Tyler Ennis.

The basket kept undefeated SU No. 1 in the nation and made it to No.1 on ESPN's "SportsCenter" the next day.

And Buffalo was watching big time.

The game on ESPN had a higher local rating than CBS' repeat of the Sunday night "Grammy Salute to the Beatles" and out-rated the first 15 minutes of a repeat episode of ABC's "Modern Family."

Here's the scoreboard:

The SU-Pitt game had a 4.0 local rating thanks to the 6.3 rating it had for the final 15 minutes that ended with Ennis' basket.

The Beatles replay, which CBS inserted into its lineup late after seeing the buzz the original airing received, averaged a 3.8 rating on Channel 4.

"Modern Family" averaged a 4.1 for the half-hour that played opposite the end of the Syracuse game.

Naturally, the Winter Olympics on NBC was a much bigger draw, averaging a 15.4 rating on Channel 2 on Wednesday night.

The only other prime time program to beat the Syracuse game was "American Idol" on Fox, with a 6.2 on WUTV. And even that is lower than the finish of the Syracuse game.

This is all good news for WBBZ-TV, which carries Syracuse's game with North Carolina State at 3 p.m. Saturday.


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