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DeGeneres, Sabres get ratings bumps

By Alan Pergament

Ellen DeGeneres may have gotten mixed national reviews for her performance as the Oscar host Monday night, but she certainly got a nice ratings bump in Buffalo the day after her performance.

Her daytime talk show, which airs at 4 p.m. weekdays on Channel 2, had a 7.1 rating locally on Monday. That's about 40 percent higher than it averaged here during the February sweeps.

The 7.1 rating also was higher than most prime time entertainment shows here on Monday, with the notable exceptions of "The Voice" (11.7) and "Blacklist" (8.4) on NBC affiliate Channel 2 and "How I Met Your Mother" (8.5) on CBS affiliate Channel 4. "Ellen" beat everything locally on ABC and Fox in prime time Monday.

However, "Ellen" also couldn't beat the Buffalo Sabres.

Team Turmoil had a 7.7 rating for its 3-2 loss to Lindy Ruff and the Dallas Stars Monday on the NBC Sports Network.

The strong rating for the game followed an 8.2 rating on MSG for the Sabres' 4-2 victory over San Jose on Friday night when goaltender Ryan Miller and captain Steve Ott were traded.

The ratings for those two games were significantly higher than the 5 or 6 ratings the Sabres have been averaging for most games during this dreadful NHL season. That suggests all the controversy surrounding the team and its executives may actually have helped ratings on the nights that the Sabres were facing their former coach with the Stars and losing their star goalie.

Of course, the team also was on a rare three-game winning streak going into Monday's game and that didn't hurt, either.




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