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Bills fans may lose TV game in Toronto postponement

By Alan Pergament

This is what I'm thinking:

The postponement of the Buffalo Bills series is being cheered in March but will it be applauded in November or December when the additional game at the Ralph might not be televised?

The Toronto game became an annual embarrassment because of the antiseptic climate and all the empty seats there.

But there was one positive for Bills fans.

Every game played north of the border was televised even with all those empty seats visible to TV audiences.

Unless the NFL changes its blackout policy under pressure from the FCC, the formerly guaranteed televised game in Toronto could be off local television here if it isn't sold out when it is played during colder weather months at the Ralph.

I've been a season ticketholder since the mid-1980s. Although I hated the Toronto game because of its impact on the Bills' won-lost record, I must admit I did like the $150 I saved every year because I didn't have to buy two tickets for an eighth regular season game that I knew was going to be televised from Toronto.

Buffalo Sabres fans love former goalie Ryan Miller to the point many were aghast that the team announced via Twitter that its new goalie, Michal Neuvirth, will be wearing Miller's old No.30. If the initial report was true, the Sabres came to their senses this afternoon when they announced Neuvirth would wear No. 34. It would have been a terrible public relations move to give away the number of a beloved goalie like Miller so quickly, especially since that number may eventually be retired.

But the result of the first TV test of Miller's popularity after the trade was kind of surprising. St. Louis' 4-2 win over Tampa Bay Tuesday televised by NBC Sports Network only had a 2.2 rating here. That is almost triple the average ratings for non-Sabres games on NBCSN but only one-tenth of a point higher than a Philadelphia-Detroit game on Dec. 4. Sabre games on NBCSN have averaged a 7.2.

I've predicted all along that Donald Trump wasn't about to run for governor and just was using the speculation for publicity purposes before the next season of "Celebrity Apprentice." It looks like area Republicans are slowly coming to a similar conclusion now that Rob Astorino has announced that he is running. But don't fear -- Trump has another job that he may be interested in. He tweeted constantly during the Oscars to criticize the program and host Ellen DeGeneres and suggested the show needs him as host. It won't be long before Trump suggests that he could solve the Ukraine crisis.

On Tuesday, I mentioned that former Channel 2 reporter Steve Kelley, who now works in Philadelphia, was getting plenty of TV attention after a clip showed him getting blasted with snow by a plow during a standup report. I noted that it played on "Today" Tuesday. It also ran on Jimmy Kimmel's show on Monday and a few other places.

As if the Grammys didn't make me feel old enough last month, now comes word that Winnie, a character in one of my favorite TV shows, "The Wonder Years," is 39. That tidbit came to my attention when "Dancing with the Stars" announced that Danica McKellar, who played Kevin Arnold's (Fred Savage) dream girl on "The Wonder Years," will be in the new season's cast. I must admit that I was so not impressed by the celebrities the popular reality program has attracted this time around.


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