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Oscar rating up 10 percent in WNY

By Alan Pergament

Despite waiting until the last 30 minutes to give out most of the meaningful awards and despite the disappointing performance of host Ellen DeGeneres, the local rating for Sunday night's Oscar telecast was a huge ratings hit locally.

The three and a half-hour live program had a 27.2 rating on Channel 7, the local ABC affiliate. That is about 10 percent higher than the 24.6 rating the 2013 Oscar program hosted by Seth MacFarlane had here.

To put the rating in further perspective, the Grammy Awards last month had a 19.5 rating on Channel 4, the local CBS affiliate.

The only programs that had  higher ratings than the Academy Awards this year so far were the Super Bowl and some of the earlier NFL playoff games. Ratings for Buffalo Bills telecasts next season also are most likely to be higher than the Oscar telecast. Bills games generally have ratings in the high 20s or low and mid-30s.

My deadline for today's review of the program was too early to weigh in on the speeches of Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett after they won the top acting awards.

They both gave strong speeches, which wasn't surprising since they had a lot of time to practice because their awards were the closest thing to being guaranteed.

The predictability of almost all the awards made for a program loaded with scripted speeches rather than spontaneous, emotional ones.

An extremely excited director Steve McQueen fumbled through reading his speech after "12 Years a Slave" was named best picture, but he made up for it with a spontaneous celebratory dance after he was finished.



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