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Robinson survives under pressure; North Park plays pay-TV movie

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

I bailed out of watching "Survivor" several seasons ago, but I thought I'd give the CBS reality series a try for 10 minutes last Wednesday because Buffalo basketball legend Cliff Robinson is part of the cast.

I caught the final 10 minutes when Robinson’s basketball skills were put to the test. The former NBA star had to throw little balls into a basket in the water from a reasonable distance to help his team win a challenge that gave them immunity from being ousted.

I can't imagine the pressure that must have been on the former Riverside and University of Connecticut star. If he had lost that competition, he probably would have never heard the end of it from his "Survivor" team or from friends back home.

Robinson missed a couple of shots, but eventually found his stroke to help his team move on to the Big Dance. OK, not exactly. But the team moved on to tonight. I just may watch the final 10 minutes again.

If you are a regular reader, you know I am not a big fan of Channel 4's expansion of the 10 p.m. news to an hour on sister station WNLO-TV.

There just isn't an hour of news here to support the idea.

However, the extra 30 minutes gives Channel 4 more time to sell ads.

Here's further evidence that the move isn't thrilling Western New York.

Last week, reruns of "Two and a Half Men" on WUTV had a higher rating at 10:30 p.m. than Channel 4's  newscast.

It was close -- 3.2.-3.0. But that's still a sad story for Channel 4.

I am thrilled that the North Park Theater has been renovated and actually thought about attending the  movie playing there -- "Better Living Through Chemistry" -- last weekend.

But while searching for an On Demand movie Saturday night, I noticed the film was available if I just stayed home.

In other words, I could pay a fraction of the price I would pay at the North Park to see a movie I could watch in my living room.

I'll eventually go to the North Park to support the theater and its owners but they better schedule a movie I can't watch at home.

The "30 for 30" special, "Requiem for the Big East," that aired Sunday night reminded me why Charles Pierce is such a great sportswriter. He came up with most of the good lines in the special, noting that “capitalism” killed the Big East. Almost every word and metaphor out of his mouth was a gem.

CBS’ renewal of the comedy "Mom" for next season was good news for Buffalo native Nick Bakay, who is the executive producer of the latest show from Chuck Lorre of "Big Bang Theory" fame.  Lorre's success with “Big Bang” and "Two and a Half Men" has given him the power to save his other less popular series, including "Mom." It looks like "Big Bang" may have to move back to Mondays next fall when CBS begins carrying Thursday Night Football games. However, perhaps CBS will convince the National Football League that "Bang" will give those Thursday games a great lead-in if they start playing games at 8:30 p.m. One key for "Mom" next year may be whether it can stay on Monday.


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