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WBBZ bragging about new local game show set for June

By Alan Pergament

WBBZ-TV owner Phil Arno will soon have the bragging rights to producing the area's first new local game show in recent memory.

Starting at 6:30 p.m.on Monday June 9, the independent station will premiere a daily weeknight game show, "Bragging Rights!," hosted by John DiSciullo, who also is the station's production and promotion manager.

It was Arno's idea to do the show and he named the program.

According to the station, "Bragging Rights!" is an interactive, trivia quiz show that fits the format of WBBZ, which relies heavily on classic TV programs carried via the MeTV network.

DiSciullo said taping of the show will begin in mid-May. The plan is to have teams of three players who might have similar jobs compete against each other for prizes supplied by sponsors.

For instance, a fire company could compete with a fire company from a different community or teachers could compete from different departments of schools or from different school districts.

DiSciullo added at least initially there will be no cash prizes. There will not be a studio audience at the start of the show, which is scheduled to run through the end of August, but that could change.

Hosting a game show isn't new to DiSciullo, a member of the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame who has had a varied career in front of and behind the camera.

DiSciullo had a variety of roles over the years at Channel 7, where he earned a nickname that also could be the answer to a trivia question. The answer will be at the end of this post.

He also is the host of WBBZ's "Political Buzz" program, had been the co-host of "WBBZ's canceled "Secrets From Beyond" and has been the host of hundreds of community events. This Friday night, he will co-host "The Giants of Buffalo: Television" program at the Buffalo History Museum that will feature Channel 7's legendary team of Irv Weinstein, Rick Azar and Tom Jolls. The program is sold out.

"When I was in college (at Temple University), I used to host College Bowl," said DiSciullo. "I consider myself a hybrid of doing lots of different things in the business."

Here's another good trivia question: Name some past Buffalo TV game or quiz shows. The candidates shouldn't include "It’s Academic," which Channel 2 has reprised.

The answer will follow at the end of this column.

The station is asking teams and individuals interested in appearing on "Bragging Rights!" to go to the station’s website and click on the box for the program.

DiSciullo believes he won't be as important to the show's success as the players.

"I think it is important we get to know these contestants," said DiSciullo. "In my opinion, it's about the community, too. Look at how Regis Philbin was able to go one-on-one with contestants on 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'"

Now for the answer to one of the trivia questions above: Name some local game shows in the past?

The answer was supplied by WBBZ General Manager Bob Koshinski in a station release: "Games have been a part of the television landscape since the medium began, even locally with 'Dialing For Dollars' and 'Strikes, Spares, and Misses.' Our show will blend game elements while getting to know our hometown neighbors."

The program obviously is a big deal to Arno, who bought the station about four years ago for more than $2.75 million and has vowed to carry a good deal of local programming that stays within the station's budget.

"Of all the local programs we have produced, I believe bringing the community together to acknowledge them, and play a fun game together, will further identify us as a true local station," said Arno in the station release.

Finally, DiSciullo's nickname after working at WKBW-TV for about 30 years was ...drum roll, please ... "Mr. Channel 7."


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