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"Sharknado" company shooting film in Buffalo, Lockport

By Alan Pergament

Alligators in Buffalo?

Being fought at Lafayette Square by citizens with guns, chain saws, axes, pitchforks and shovels?

It is all happening this morning as the production company behind last summer's Syfy channel hit "Sharknado" shoots some scenes for an upcoming movie with the working title of "Alligator Apocalypse."

Tim Clark, film commissioner for the Buffalo Niagara Film Office, said the area on Clinton Street near Washington Street in Buffalo is standing in for New York City, where the film is set.

Clark said about 40 extras from Western New York were fighting imaginary alligators in the street in the scenes shooting this morning and that there also are a number of behind-the-scenes personnel from here working on the film.

In addition, scenes were shot this afternoon inside the Lockport Cave Attraction in downtown Lockport and more scenes were expected to be filmed there this evening.

Clark doesn't know where the film will land but he noted that the production company behind it, The Asylum, produced "Sharknado," the surprise social media and cable hit last summer that focused on  Tara Reid and Ian Ziering battling thousands of sharks that landed in Los Angeles after a hurricane. Clark said The Asylum also filmed some scenes here a while ago for a 2013 movie, "Battledogs," in which a werewolf virus landed in New York City. I'm not making this up. 

"Sharknado" was so popular that The Asylum is making or has finished a sequel, "Sharknado 2," that is expected to land on TV screens this summer.


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