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Things to brag and not brag about on local TV

By Alan Pergament

It isn't much to brag about, but at least the ratings for WBBZ's new game show "Bragging Rights!" are consistent and decent by standards of the local shows it carries.

The program hosted by John DiSciullo averaged a .7 rating for its first week on the air, which represents about 4,400 households.

The ratings for the five shows ranged from a .6 to a .8, which illustrates its consistency. In addition, the .7 for the week equals the rating that the entertainment program it replaced at 6:30 p.m. weekdays, "Cash Cab" repeats.

Speaking of bragging rights, Western New York earned them again for the final game of the Stanley Cup Finals. NBC said the 9.2 rating on Channel 2 here for the Los Angeles double overtime clincher over the New York Rangers placed the Buffalo market in third place overall, behind only the big markets of the participating teams.

The rating here hit a high of 14.4  at 11:30 p.m., which is about triple what Jimmy Fallon's late-night show gets here. The rating continued in double figures until 12:30 a.m.

Buffalo was the top-rated market outside of New York and Los Angeles for all of the games carried on NBC and the NBC Sports Network. The ratings had a big decline here when the games went to NBC's cable network.

NBC should consider putting all the Stanley Cup finals game on the broadcast market. Although the games don't get much of a household rating, they do get very strong demographics and that's what advertisers care about.

I don't have the figures yet, but I am hearing that Channel 2 has earned the right to brag about dominating the key demographics during the May sweeps, winning all time periods over rival Channel 4. However, the demographic race at 5 p.m. appears to have tightened. More about that when I get the figures. Household ratings are nice, but advertisers buy demographics.

Finally, this area doesn't have much to brag about when it concerns ratings for the NBA Finals. We live in one of the few areas where ratings for the Stanley Cup finals exceed the ratings for the NBA finals when both are carried by broadcast networks. When the hockey finals were on cable, the NBA won here. The highest-rated game on Channel 7 going into San Antonio's five-game clincher over Miami Sunday night was the 6.4 rating for Game 4 of the series. The final rating for Sunday's blowout on the ABC affiliate isn't here, but it is very doubtful it will approach the rating for Friday's hockey finale. (This just in: The game had an 8.6 rating on Channel 7, the best it had here in the series.)

The fact that Sunday's game was a blowout didn't help. But the garbage-time performance of announcers Mike Breen, Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson about the Spurs and their incredible coach Gregg Popovich, as well as the dissection of the Heat's future, made it well worth waiting around for San Antonio's celebration.

I haven't seen a display of team basketball like the Spurs put on during this series since I was a New York Knicks fans in the late 1960s and early 1970s before the three-point shot changed the game.

For one series, Miami's LeBron James learned what Knicks star Carmelo Anthony went through for an entire season playing without any help from his teammates.


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