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From The News' archives: Alan Pergament on 'Seinfeld'

Saturday marks the 25th anniversary of the first episode of 'Seinfeld' airing. With that anniversary approaching, here are five Alan Pergament pieces over the years on the show:

July 15, 1992
These are confusing times for Jerry Seinfeld and his fans (after recent appearance at Melody Fair)

Feb. 11, 1993
'Seinfeld is five-star funny (on "The Outing" episode)

Jan. 18, 1994
Ready, set, 'Seinfeld': A few laughs at life in front of a live audience

April 28, 1994
'Seinfeld' soars on sacrilege (on "The Raincoat" episode)

May 14, 1998
'Seinfeld's' last yada (preview of final episode)

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