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Bouncing around a variety of TV topics

By Alan Pergament

If you read my story in Sunday’s Buffalo News about all the cable channels I didn't realize existed, you may be saying to yourself, why doesn't Time Warner Cable carry Bounce TV, the new sub-channel carried by Channel 4?

After all, it can't be less important than some of the unusual channels it does carry.

Good question.

One might have expected that LIN TV would have made the carriage of the sub-channel part of the recent retransmission deal it made with TWC to carry Channel 4 and Channel 23 here.

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Maher's situation is different than Deen's

By Alan Pergament

I’m a big fan of Bill Maher’s HBO weekly show "Real Time" and especially love it when the guests on the panel try to suppress their laughter when he delivers his often witty, politically-incorrect and foul-mouthed "New Rules" segment at the end of the hour.

But I don’t always agree with Maher, who performs at Kleinhans Music Hall on Sunday.

Case in point: In an interview with Buffalo News reporter Steve Watson last week, Maher likened the predicament of disgraced former Food Network star Paula Deen to his own situation when he left ABC’s "Politically Incorrect" after making some controversial statements about  9/11 terrorists that led to sponsors pulling out of his broadcast network show.

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Lauer direct, strong in Deen interview

By Alan Pergament

Matt was great, Paula left me as cold as a plate of cucumber salad.

But truthfully, it is a lot easier judging the performance of a broadcast journalist than knowing what is in the heart of a celebrity trying to recover from a scandal.

On that score, "Today" co-host Matt Lauer did a masterful job this morning interviewing cooking star Paula Deen about her recent fall from grace after admitting in a court deposition that she used a racist slur decades ago.

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Memories of Gandolfini and the kiss

By Alan Pergament

Tony Soprano kissed me once.

It was one of the highlights of my initial 28-year run as a TV critic for this newspaper.

When I said goodbye to readers on May 4, 2010 after taking a buyout, being playfully kissed by Tony (James Gandolfini) at the screening of the final season premiere of "The Sopranos" was at the top of my highlight list.

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Beard gets more love from "Arrested" creator; Kane gets star treatment

By Alan Pergament

This is what I’m thinking:

Channel 2 morning co-anchor John Beard is getting a lot of national media attention for his performance as a fictional version of himself in the current Netflix season of "Arrested Development."

His work documenting the insanity of the Bluth family has drawn raves from TV Guide and USA Today.

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